5 AAA Titles That Should Headline PlayStation Plus April 2016

April is just a week away and that means it is almost time for Sony to announce the full PlayStation Plus lineup for the month. Microsoft made a splash today by announcing that The Wolf Among Us, Sunset Overdrive, Dead Space, and Saints Row 4 will all be free on their platform in April. To many gamers Microsoft has been offering better free games on a monthly basis than Sony has so maybe it’s time Sony stepped their game up. The following 5 titles are some great ideas for games Sony could include in next month’s lineup to try to match Games with Gold.

1. The Order: 1886


Yes a lot of people were disappointed by the way The Order: 1886 turned out but I don’t think anyone would complain if we got the game for free. I was one of those who was hyped for the game and was let down a little but I think it is very much worth playing and there would be no better chance for many players than if it was free. It could also help Sony gauge whether there is enough interest in the game to warrant making a sequel. The Order: 1886 is also one of if not the most visually stunning game on consoles right now so at the very least you would get that.

2. Killzone Shadow Fall


Killzone Shadow Fall was one of the original PS4 launch titles and would be a great pick to give away for free. Guerilla Games is currently at work making Horizon: Zero Dawn to release later this year so giving away their previous PS4 title would make sense. It would help the online community grow again and the game has plenty of DLC that Sony could still make some money off by giving the base game away.

3. LittleBigPlanet 3


Another game that would be a great pick is LittleBigPlanet 3 on PS4. The game has been on sale for $10 or less several times and continues to get updates and DLC to this day. Previous LittleBigPlanet games have been given away for free in the past so why not continue that tradition with the third installment. The game has had some problems but is still a solid entry in the franchise and just like Killzone SF Sony could make money off all the DLC the game has.

4. Knack







Yes the game that is brought up all the time in discussions about possible PlayStation Plus games is Knack. Knack is another one of the PS4 launch titles and has been cheap for a long time. The game was given away in Japan on PlayStation Plus but never here. Yes the game wasn’t the best but with rumors of a possible Knack 2 in development Sony should give the first one away so more people can play it. I enjoyed the game for what it was and think it would make a great pick for PS Plus.

5. Infamous Second Son


The last game I think should be given away on PS Plus is Infamous Second Son from Sucker Punch. It was another launch window game and other installments have been on PS Plus in the past. Sony even gave away the downloadable side story to Second Son, Infamous First Light, last year on PS Plus so why not add the main game to PS Plus as well? i loved Infamous Second Son even though it was shorter than the PS3 Infamous games and the gameplay was really fun. Sucker Punch should be close to revealing their next PS4 title so let’s get the previous one on Plus already Sony.

So there are our 5 AAA games we think should be considered for the April PlayStation Plus lineup. Any of those 5 being in the lineup I feel would please people and help PlayStation Plus compete with Games With Gold on Xbox. Do you agree with our picks? What would you like to see in the April lineup? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. No ….i own all of these rather have a big pc game or a new indie……like maybe ark, the forest, or something else…

  2. This months games with gold isn’t as good as everybody says it is. Sunset overdrive is the highlight, but the wolf among us is on sale every 5 minutes, dead space is a game from like 8 years ago & saints row 4 has a better remastered version

    • but they are still better than shitty sci-fi top down wank graphic indie shooters every single month.

    • Keep making excuses for Sony fanboy , I’m still waiting for greatness …..

      • I’ve called out the plus games for being shit like 5 times on this very account. I think you’re the insecure fanboy. The hyperbole around this months gwg is ridiculous

  3. I wouldn’t mind The Order. All the others I already own. Sony really have got to do something, all these indie games are getting a joke.

    • I own the other four too! I “order” sony to give us this game. Haahaaaa.

  4. 0.0001% chance for an AAA title :

    PSN April 2016 it will be released on 5th

    -Dead Star (PS4)
    -Enter the Gungeon (PS4)

    • I don’t think enter the gungeon will be in the line up. The reason why is because you can pre-order it right now. I don’t think a “pre-order” has ever been free because you can buy it before it comes out. That made sence in my mind anyway. :p

      • Correct, Enter the Gungeon will NOT be free on Plus this month.

      • Dead Star was also a pre-order and included a free Theme. They have since refunded pre-order for those with Plus but it was still a pre-order.

    • Sadly some outlets are calling Dead Star a AAA game.

  5. Dead Star with some 3.5 dead starts of 5 in steam – that’s our headliner. No more no less.

  6. Well we did got an AAA game. It’s Zombi, which is an updated digital only re-release of a Wii U game made by Ubisoft back in 2012. It qualifies.

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