Fallout 4: Automatron DLC Review (PS4)

The first of the many planned DLC’s for Fallout 4 has arrived, and is a worthy reason to dust off those copies of Fallout 4, and step back in to the world of Fallout. Automatron focuses all on robots, which includes the ability to create your own robot sidekick. Along with the robot customization, there’s a whole new questline too which will take around 3 hours to complete.

If you are level 15 or above, the Automatron questline will start as soon as you load up your Fallout 4 save with the mission “Mechanical Menace” being able to be chosen as a current mission. Once you listen to Caravan Distress Frequency on your radio, you will have to fight through robots to speak to another robot called Ada. You will learn through Ada about a robot called The Mechanist who is the big boss of the Automatron DLC. Your goal throughout the questline is to put an end to The Mechanist, who is behind the death of Ada’s friends.

Early into the storyline you will be able to create a robot workbench which will allow you to create your own robot or make any changes to existing robots. Yes this means you can customize Codsworth to your liking too. The customization options for robots is where this DLC shines its brightest, as it has vast amount of options for customizing. Every body part can be customized, so you can choose the armor and the weapons used on each body part for your robot. I admit, I spent a ton of time using this feature as it’s quite addictive to create new robots or edit them with new features. I don’t think this feature would have worked that well had it not been for the wide range of options to customize robots, it makes robots look unique from one another, and gives me a reason to create other robots.

Now creating robots isn’t as simple as going to the robot workbench, and clicking whatever you want on your robot. You will need to salvage items, that can be used to upgrade or add certain features to your robot. Fortunately the DLC’s questline is full of robots that drop the items you need to create the parts for your robots which makes the feature less of a grind to get parts to create the robots.

Going back to the story side of the DLC, I was overall satisfied with the new quests. As mentioned at the start of the review, it should take you around 3 hours to complete this four quest story. The story managed to keep me entertained for all of those 3 hours with interesting robotic battles that can be quite difficult to complete. There’s even a little use of choice in this DLC story which is featured in the main games story.

The Final Verdict 

Overall Fallout 4 is off to a good start with its DLC offerings as Automatron is a solid piece of DLC that all Fallout fans should enjoy. The robot customization features are fantastic, and is easily the highlight of Automatron. The story is also fun to playthrough, and for the price, it offers a solid amount of gameplay. If this is just a start to the DLC being offered for Fallout 4 then we are in for a treat with the upcoming DLC’s

+ Great customization features

+ Fun story

+ Solid amount of content for the price of the DLC

Final Score: 8.5/10


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