Can ‘Games With Gold’ Continue Its Hot Streak Throughout 2016? Here’s 5 Games We Want!

April’s Games with Gold has made a lot of Xbox One owners happy. The inclusion of 4 legitimately good titles, including one this Console generation’s best in Sunset Overdrive, is a nice departure from the typical paltry offerings of the free game service. So while we will all be enjoying some great gaming come April the question surely to follow is “Can Microsoft continue it’s strong Games with Gold offerings?”

Here are a few Xbox One games we would love to see available on Games with Gold

1. Ryse 


Ryse isn’t a great game be any means. As a Xbox One launch title it was criticized for it’s bare bones gameplay, confusing story and heavy reliance on QTEs. But it is still one of the best looking games around and when played with an eye on combos and combat it can be a pretty fun action game. Often overlooked with Ryse is it’s multiplayer arena battles, which are surprisingly deep and addictive. As a launch title and one that was possibly overlooked by many Xbox One owners Ryse is a perfect candidate for Games with Gold.

2. Forza Horizon 2 


This is a huge stretch but we would love to see Forza Horizon 2 end up on Games with Gold. Forza Horizons 2 is easily the best non-sim racer on either console and was a huge hit with critics and fans alike. It seems like something that shouldn’t work, a Racing game based around a hipster/millennial music festival? But somehow the silly premise just imbues the game with an infectious energy. The music might not be your style but the large open world, the myriad of missions and challenges, dynamic weather and large car selection certainly will be.

3. Dead Rising 3 


Another Xbox One launch title we think deserves a spot on Games with Gold. Dead Rising 3 boasts an ungodly amount of zombies for you to hack, shoot, explode and run over. The story may be nonsensical and the world not as large as most open world games, Dead Rising 3, follows in it’s predecessors footsteps by, offering players the simple joy of being able to dismember zombies in new and creative ways.

4. Titanfall 


While we all wait for news of Titanfall 2 what better way to start the hype train then to relive the brilliance of the original. While Titanfall has already seen a number of steep discounts, often down to under $20, and is free if you pay for EA Access, being put on Games with Gold might be the perfect way to get anyone who has inexplicable failed to play it yet jump in. Titanfall might be the best multiplayer shooter of this console generation. Unfortunately it’s lack of single player campaign, game modes and release early in this contentious console cycle left it with an ever dwindling player base as time went on. Which is a shame really because from a fun standpoint and a mechanics standpoint Titanfall can’t be rivaled. There is something supremely satisfying in hearing the words “prepare for Titanfall” and seeing your giant mech plummet through the sky and land on the battlefield with a thud. 

5. Assassin’s Creed Unity 


We are all tired of Assassin’s Creed games right? And the problems with AC Unity, technical, story and mechanical, are well known at this point. And it’s really too bad, because somewhere inside there was the potential for the best Assassin’s Creed game yet. The French Revolution made for the perfect AC setting and the city of Paris is rendered beautifully. The game is really stunning to look at and until Quantum Break and Uncharted 4 release it may be considered the best looking game of this generation. It’s unfortunate the performance had to suffer because of it. Xbox One owners already received Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag via Games with Gold but we wouldn’t mid seeing Unity pop up on there, if only because it is a remarkable game to look at.

What do you think? Do any of those games have a chance of ending up on Games with Gold? Can Microsoft match the level of quality of April’s selection month to month? What games would you like to see on Games with Gold.

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  1. I would like to see South Park the Stick of Truth, Mortal Kombat X, Lego Batman and Deadpool

  2. Wait, what is this streak?

  3. Horizon and Titanfall aren’t coming. Titanfall has been dirt cheap forever now. Ryse and Dead Rising seem very possible

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