I’m Sick Of Indies On Playstation Plus

I love indie games, don’t get me wrong.  Heck, some of my all-time favorite games are indies; the risks indie studios can take often result in fun new experiences, as opposed to the general formula that’s worked for the AAA studios. As much as I love indie games, though, Playstation needs to take a step back and stop including so many in their Instant Game Collection.

The indie selection has been decent, I’ll give them that.  At fifty dollars a year (less if you get the membership on sale) you still get your money’s worth, but as they’ve demonstrated before the wave of indie titles took over, they can do a heck of a lot better. July 1st 2014 marked a turning point for the service: they changed from the staggered release model to the model they currently sport, where the whole set of games for the month is released at the same time.  It made it more convenient for subscribers, but there’s also been a trend since then.

The first couple months brought some good AAA titles like Dead Space 3 and Crysis 3, but after that we started seeing less and less, and for the last year or so it’s been almost entirely indie games. Before the change?  Deus Ex, Battlefield 3, Hitman: Absolution, Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, and so many more AAA games.  Almost every month had at least one big title, sometimes two.  There were still indies, although they were more scattered and (in my opinion) ended up being appreciated far more.

With the indies taking over a lot of the hype for the service has dissipated, and with it a lot of customers.  The slightly larger discounts in the store that come with the membership are neat, but what people subscribe for is the selection of games that are free each month. Especially when Xbox’s Games with Gold service getting better and better, Playstation needs to cool down with the indie games and give people what they want.  Or at least compromise.  One AAA title for each platform that’s supported would be cool, but even one per set of games with the platform changing from month to month.

In a case like that there would still be some hate, because that’s not going to go away no matter what they do, but at least they’d have a much better chance at keeping their customers happy.  And a happy customer is a customer who continues to subscribe to the service. I love indie games, but considering most are ones I’ve never heard of and might never get around to playing because of the better ones I’ve bought through Steam and other platforms, throwing in a high profile game more often would be much appreciated.  It’s not like they’re lacking in content since they’ve got classics going back to the PS1 in their catalogue.

What’s your opinion?  Should Playstation ditch the indies completely since they have such a rich library of AAA games both new and old?  Or should they just change it up to include both types of games?  Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I’m getting really sick of people complaining about getting free stuff. Maybe a lot of subscribers to PS Plus are subbed solely for the free games, as originally it wasn’t required for online play but that’s not how it works on PS4.

    My first console sub was for Xbox Live, and it was way before Games for Gold existed, so when it came along I was like “Oh, great, a nice bonus! They don’t have to give me this, but they are.” I didn’t sub to PS Plus until I got my PS4 at launch, but I think they were offering free games prior to Microsoft, yes? Regardless, maybe it wasn’t such a great idea.

    The word entitlement gets thrown around a lot on the Internet, and I hate to jump on that bandwagon but people nowadays seem to have an expectation that the video games industry owes them something and I feel like that stems from services like PS Plus/Xbox Live. You know what I do when the new free games are available? I try them. If I don’t like them, I delete them and maybe I’ll like something next month. If I do like them, awesome. Thank you.

    I’m sorry, but this article coupled with some of the fallout (ha ha) from the recent Playstation Store Fallout 4 Season Pass debacle really got me worked up. I’m sure it was a small group of people, but there were comments stating some pretty ridiculous stuff about how they are owed the free thing they downloaded and Playstation took it away from them.

    Sorry again. Indies are fine. It gets them exposure they may not have seen otherwise. If we get a AAA game every once in a while, neat. I don’t know about you though, but whenever it has been a AAA game most of the time I already own it/have played it. Why not give the littler guys a chance?

    • it’s not free, i pay $60 for them and when that year is over i lose everything unless i pay another $60

    • I’m getting sick of people calling anything that isn’t the ability to play online ‘free stuff’, this is doing Playstation Plus a disservice. People pay $50 a year for access to cloud storage, exclusive discounts, 6 games a month, full share play functionality, exclusive content and finally the ability to play online. All of these things are equally part of the service that is Playstation Plus and people have a right to complain about any part of it.

      Personally, I have no problem with Indie games in the Instant Game Collection, as they are often a nice way to try games that I otherwise wouldn’t have tried. And this would be a better point to bring up to people who complain, rather than just telling them they shouldn’t complain because the games are free stuff.

      • Not to mention streaming from the device and direct uploads to Youtube. There are other services as well.

        Well said.

      • I certainly oversimplified my statement, but you’ve said the other things I didn’t. What is the threshold for “free”? If you look at the number of games PS Plus provides across all platforms, conservatively two months in you’ve received well over the subscription’s cost in games alone.

        I understand that the fee covers all the stuff you mentioned, and that was kind of where I was coming from, but neglected to state as I was trying to stay relatively brief. If you wanted to buy all the stuff they give you for subscribing, vice actually subscribing, I imagine it would cost significantly more than $60. Maybe free isn’t the best word, but I’m not sure how else to describe it.

  2. My opinion is you are dumb, but that is just my opinion. Right?

  3. Just to offer an other side, I 100% agree with the author. I’ve had PS+ for all my systems (PS3, PS Vita & PS4) ever since they started it. I don’t play multiplayer, the total reason for me to get the service, was the games. I’m an adult who’s been gaming since Atari and my kids both love to game. So for a family, paying $50 a year was reasonable to get lots of new games every month across all my systems. That being said, the games being offered are starting to take the shine off the service for me. I don’t need another side scrolling “oh so retro” indie game. I mean why not add AC:4, Killzone or hell even some of the older sport games like NBA2K14 or Fifa 14? Why not games that under preformed but still had value like the Order 1886? I mean you can throw that entitlement crap around, but they set the expectation.. that while I certainly won’t like every game, I’m going to get some cool stuff each month that maybe I didn’t pick up when it 1st launched. My personal issue is that I’m less and less interested in what comes in each month. There are the rare highlights… Broken Age was cool… but it’s gone from feeling like “We really want your business!” to “We have your business so it takes less to keep you than to earn someone new”. Just my 2 cents.

  4. I like their model because there is a large chance that the majority of PS Plus owners have never played these indie titles. The issue with ASA releases is that you will always have your fair share of users complaining that they already beat said game two times over.

    If you want triple A you typically buy it. We don’t necessarily go out of our way to purchase an indie title.

    Hey I loved BroForce and wouldn’t have played any other way.

    • yes but at the same time a large portion don’t due to being a student and being unable to afford to buy every AAA game.

      I personally feel 1 AAA game every 2-3 months would be fine even old ones like the launch titles (knack, killzone….).

      I also am sick of many of the indie games as i love AAA games and playing the indie games gets boring for me too.

  5. It all comes down to the studios whos games appear on plus and how much money they want for that game. For me 3.33 a month for online gaming is really good with a yearly sub.

  6. It’s the lack of variety I’m sick of

  7. The title made me cry….fuck those indie games…

  8. One thing to keep in mind is that the PS Plus service covers 3 different consoles. Just on the PS4 last year (2015) we got some notable games like — Infamous: First Light, Transistor, Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee — New ‘n’ Tasty, Valiant Hearts: The Great Wa, CounterSpy, Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition, The Unfinished Swan, Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes, Rocket League, Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, Broken Age, The Walking Dead: Season 2, Gauntlet: Slayer Edition, King’s Quest — Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember.

    • games for gold offers for 2 consoles and 1 of each system at least is a AAA game and the other half on the xbox one is usually a indie game too.

  9. I can’t wait for 10v10 action in Dead Star (April PSN+ free game). The author of the article just had to stop reacting to fanboy dogma. But, I bet Sony will release The Order or Until Dawn later this year since those games are hovering around $20 right now. I do like the exposure Sony gives to indie games. I am tired of gamers being brainwashed by a handful of developers/publishers. By the way a game like BroForce or even Galak-Z are no jokes.I have an Xbox One too. I tend to download the free games more often on PSN (think Outlast). But some AAA games are lame. My free Syndicate download that came with my XBox One is unused.

    • The only problem I have with Sony is there unwillingness to truly build a global infrastructure of server farms. Microsoft has been doing it for decades with billions of dollars of investment.

  10. But what exactly is an “indie?” Helldivers is an indie? It was made by Arrowhead.

    Is Galak Z an “indie?” 17 Bit studios would fit the bill.

    Is The Walking Dead an “indie?” It appears to be made by a AAA company.

    The Unfinished Swan is AAA as well.

    Is Star Citizen AAA? It is by definition “indie.”

    Grow Home is by Ubisoft, not an “indie.”

    So, I think the problem here is that the games aren’t defined very well. “Indie” as a term doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t define what a game really is.

    If the problem is that PS Plus offers too many small games or easily downloadable games, then that might be something worth discussing.

    The term “indie”… well, I quite enjoy some of the AAA games that we have gotten. However, the author of the article never mentions exactly which indie games she is referring to.

  11. Yes, I definitely am tired of indie games on Plus.

  12. They need to throw in some AAA titles to spice things up rather than the menu of indies being fed all the time. Indie games tend to stay in certain genres and style of gameplay and im getting a bit bored of that. It would be nice if they would give us more RPG’s.

  13. Then don’t play them, sheesh! Why are there people who thinks that Sony, or other major companies, owes them anything? Speak with your wallet!!! Simple as that…

  14. The only thing wrong with plus is requiring it for online games, other then that it would be perfect and by perfect I mean I really don’t care what they offer as long as I can play online for free, lol. If you compare cloudsaves,friendslist, chat service as the only worthwhile things they cover then STEAM >PS Plus , just by offering the same for free and with bigger discounts on the regular.

  15. The indie games are okay on their own.

    The problem is that I didn’t buy a PS4 to play games which I could easily play on a NES (bought on a flea market for $5) without buying a PS4.

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