Should Microsoft Bring Original Xbox Games To Backwards Compatibility To Counter PS2 Classics?

Backwards compatibility is a minor hot button topic, with Xbox One fans calling it a “game changer” and their PS4 counterparts saying it’s never used. But during the run up to the release of the current consoles, Backwards Compatibility was an often requested feature by fans of both major consoles. But fans hoping to play their library of last gens games at the outset of this new generation were left disappointed.

The issue never went away entirely and there has always been a vocal contingent of gamers calling for Backwards Compatibility to come to their favorite console. Now nearly 3 years into this current generation and Xbox One owners have seen their wish for Backwards Compatibility mostly answered while PS4 fans are still mostly waiting, having to rely on remasters, the much maligned PS Now and, the of questionable value, PS2 Classics, which let PS4 owners buy a selection of PS2 games from the PS Store, to play their past gen games.

While almost no one would claim that having BC on Xbox One is an outright bad thing the common refrain from contrarians continues to be “much asked for but rarely used.” But as the catalogue of Xbox 360 games available via backwards compatibility grows and with their twice monthly inclusion in Games with Gold, more and more gamers are taking advantage of the feature and enjoying Xbox 360 games on their Xbox One. While we will let the fans continue arguing over how important the feature is we will pose the following questions – Ignoring any technical limitations should Microsoft bring Original Xbox games to Xbox One via BC? If they did what games would you like to see? And would OG Xbox games on Xbox One further damage the PS4’s reputation when it comes to “Backwards Compatibility?”

While you ponder those questions, here are 5 games from the original green and black behemoth that we would love to play on our Xbox Ones

Crimson Skies
A fan favorite on the OG Xbox, Crimson Skies was like playing Indiana Jones in the sky, like the Rocketeer without jetpacks. It was a pulpy, action packed old school adventure that saw players enter a world of bi-planes, giant blimps and sky pirates. A graphical showcase for the original Xbox it may not be much of a looker today but it certainly won’t be short on action. And if we can’t get it via Backwards Compatibility the least Microsoft can do is give us a proper sequel or reboot.

Beyond Good and Evil
Fans have been clamoring for a sequel to Beyond Good and Evil for years now. Unfortunately outside of a few suspect teaser images we have been left waiting and wanting. If we aren’t going to see a proper sequel anytime soon we definitely wouldn’t mind jumping back into the original quirky action adventure game that seems to have left a long lasting imprint on those that played it the first time.

We were all sad to hear of the closure of Lionhead Studios for a lot of reasons, not least of all because it meant we wouldn’t be getting a new Fable game for at least the foreseeable future. While the most recent Fable games didn’t quite reach the same heights as their predecessors, Fable has always been a unique and compelling world to enter. So while we mourn the closure of Lionhead what better way to pay our respects then to jump into the original classic Fable.

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic
BioWare’s original masterpiece. KOTR was a groundbreaking title for the original Xbox, one that needs thousands and thousands of words to properly explain and praise. A sprawling RPG epic set in a fantastically realized Star Wars universe, one replete with Jedi and Sith alike. KOTR was the first game that saw console gamers logging hours and hours of gameplay, using the ‘time played’ stat as a badge of honor. We feel that we could jump back into the game now and still find new secrets and stories to explore.

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
Before splinter cell went all Jack Bauer on us it was a bonafide stealth game. One that saw players long for the shadows and keep on eye or an ear on the amount of sound their movements made. Chaos Theory was arguably the best looking game on the original Xbox and featured some groundbreaking features when it came to lighting and animation. We’d love to see Ubisoft return Splinter Cell to its stealth roots and in the meantime we wouldn’t mind diving back into the series finest entry.

What do you think? Would you play original Xbox games on your Xbox One if you could? What games would you add to that list? And would the inclusion of OG Xbox games in the Backwards Compatible library do anything to damage the PS4’s image and their less than fan friendly “Backwards Compatibility” features? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Ps4 owners:no
    XO owners:yes

  2. Ps4 owners:no
    XO owners:yes

  3. Beyond Good & Evil is already available thanks to the ‘HD’ arcade version:

  4. There is no challenge there lmfao Paying for PS2 classics is a pure joke and get ready for OGXbox Backwards Compat to be announced at #E3

  5. PlayStation 4 emulator sucks! Why would some one purchase a classic on playstation 3 like San Andreas for exsample and repurchase the game again on PlayStation 4.

  6. the best OG xbox game was Deathrow IMHO. Basketball, ultimate frisbee, fighting AND profanity? I still pull out the original system to play it. It would do well on the current console

  7. Wouldn’t mind playing through the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer again lol. I never watched the show but the game was awesome. (unfortunately the sequel was pretty meh, different developer tho).

  8. Beyond Good and Evil is compatible through the xbox 360 release of the game 😉

    But yeah, xbox (1) compatibility would be great. Crimson Skies was, Knights of the old Republic, yager, …

  9. I would love to replay Kill.Switch.

  10. Beyond Good or Evil is already on XB1. I would definitely play some of my older sports games like NFL Fever, Links, Virtua Tennis, NBA Inside Drive, etc.. Would give MechAssault 1 & 2, SW: KotoR, Crazy Taxi 2, Crimson Skies, etc.. another try.

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