Delays Are Never Bad For Video Games


“A rushed game is forever bad.” -Shigeru Miyamoto

I hold very true to this quote by Shigeru Miyamoto, Japanese video game designer and producer for Nintendo. Ah yes, Nintendo. Nintendo is infamous for its notorious delays in video games. Just look at what they did with Star Fox Zero and Zelda Wii U. Both were expected to come out in 2015, and wouldn’t you know it, both were delayed into 2016. To make matters worse, we don’t have either game yet, and it looks like Zelda Wii U won’t even be coming out until the last quarter. It seems that there’s a lack of trust between gamers and producers, especially with Nintendo producers, who are known for delaying games. It also seems that with every E3 that comes around and with every Nintendo Direct we get, we’re given a release date for an upcoming game, and every gamer’s eyes just roll. We all know what’s coming, even when the producers don’t know it yet – a delay.

Delays, however, are not a bad thing at all! While it’s disappointing to see that the game has been unexpectedly (I use that term loosely) delayed, most of the time delays are a good thing. People need to realize why games get delayed in the first place. Sure, sometimes it’s because of complications with the hardware, but a lot of times its because they think of new gameplay features that they want to implement. Think about all of the games that have been delayed in the past. A good chunk of those games wouldn’t have the great features that they do today if the producers decided not to delay them.

Another reason why games are delayed is because the games are taking longer to make than expected. This is where Miyamoto’s quote becomes so crucial – many times producers try to rush the game and it comes out feeling incomplete. The first game that comes to mind is Five Nights At Freddy’s World. Scott Cawthon rushed this game and as a result, the game felt incomplete and Cawthon received many complaints. So many people complained about this game that Cawthon actually openly apologized for rushing the game and for forgetting basic mechanics. This happens far too many times in gaming, and it’s a real shame that some games aren’t delayed by a few months to make a better end product.

People need to realize that delays aren’t a bad thing. Rather, it’s when the producers don’t keep us updated with the game. Yes, I’m pointing directly at Zelda Wii U. The game has been delayed by probably a year, and since then all we’ve gotten is a four second clip of Link riding his horse. Give me a break. I believe that games like Zelda Wii U that are delayed have a big thing coming for us and it’s only a matter of time before we get an amazing product. However, when we see no content for months on end, that’s where the producers go wrong. It’s one thing to delay a video game, I have no problem with that at all. But, it’s another thing to dangle these games over our heads and deprive us of information. Overall, delays in video games are not a bad thing, and they should actually be looked at as a good thing because as Miyamoto says, a rushed game is no good.

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