PlayStation Plus April Lineup Is Solid, The Hate Is Unwarranted

Sony announced their PlayStation Plus free games lineup earlier today and as usual people are unhappy with the results. This month on PS4 Plus members get the brand new Dead Star plus Zombi which was originally a Wii U launch title from Ubisoft. The game finally made it’s way to PS4 and Xbox One late last year. On PS3 both I Am Alive and Savage Moon are free. Finally on the Vita members get the brand new A Virus Named Tom and Shutshimi which is also free on PS4 since it is Cross-Buy. I personally look at this lineup and say there is no reason to be angry.

Many people are comparing the free PlayStation Plus game to the Games With Gold over on the Xbox One. Yes they are getting Sunset Overdrive for free this month but let’s not act like they have been getting the better games. Just a few months ago they were getting games like Zheroes which has a 57 on Metacritic and was pretty broken for a good while. Knight Squad, Lords of the Fallen, and Sherlock Holmes were also just ok games and nothing special. But all of a sudden they get Sunset Overdrive for free and Microsoft is the good guys? By the way you can go buy a copy of Sunset Overdrive for $10 new so it’s not like you’re getting a really valuable game cost wise.

Looking at the PlayStation Plus side a common complain I see month after month is that people want retail/AAA games on PlayStation Plus for PS4. Well you got one this month with Zombi yet people are still complaining. I guess because it isn’t the game they wanted but you can’t say Sony didn’t give you what you asked for. Whether you like it or not Zombi is a AAA game. It was made by Ubisoft and was a $60 Wii U launch title. It came out on PS4 and Xbox One for a cheaper price but it’s still a AAA game. Is it a great AAA game? That is debatable but the AAA games on Games with Gold haven’t been great either for the most part. Thief, Lords of the Fallen, and Sherlock Holmes are all average games so it’s pretty even here. I even had someone argue with me that Zombi doesn’t count as retail because it didn’t get a retail copy in North America. That argument doesn’t hold up because I can go and purchase a physical copy of Zombi on the internet right now and put it in my PS4 and play it. That means it is retail. Zombi has a 71 metacritic score and a 77 on Wii U. To compare that to some of the recent retail GWG on Xbox: Theif has a 67, Lords of the Fallen has a 68 and Sherlock Holmes has a 73. Looks like we got just a good a retail game as some of their recent ones have been.

Looking at the rest of the lineup you are getting 2 brand new Day 1 releases on PlayStation Plus in April. Dead Star is a multiplayer game for up to 20 players made by former Metroid Prime developers. A Virus Named Tom I don’t know much about but hey it’s brand new and it’s free. On the PS3 side you get Savage Moon which was one of the best tower defense games on the PS3 and has some great visuals as well. I Am Alive is yet another Ubisoft game that is getting some negativity this month. People are upset that it is in the lineup this month when it was free for a day last month. This is because someone at Sony messed up and listed it free instead of Super Stardust HD and a lot of people grabbed it. However, at that time Sony had probably already made the deal for I Am Alive to be free in April as these things are done well ahead of time. It’s not like Sony could just ditch including I Am Alive for a whole month because someone screwed up and made it free for a couple days.


The last free game Shutshimi is a pretty fun shmup that is free on both the Vita and PS4. I played it quite a bit on PS4 last year and thought it was pretty cool. Overall could the PlayStation Plus lineup be better? Yes it could as both services could be. I don’t think it is fair to bring the backwards compatible games into the argument when comparing Plus and Gold however as PS4 doesn’t offer backwards compatibility. In my opinion people got what they were asking for with Zombi when they asked for a retail/AAA game. Yes it isn’t the best one to choose but it is progress and who knows we may get another one next month. I also think people need to try the free games before they call them trash as most haven’t even tried Dead Star yet. I seen many people calling Broforce trash last month only to see the same people come back and say it was pretty fun after they tried it. Who knows you may sink a lot of hours into the online matches in Dead Star.

Those are my thoughts on why the hate towards PlayStation Plus this month are unwarranted. Do you agree with my statements? What do you think of the lineup this month? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. Yeesh! The damage control is strong in you Brother.
    You don’t think it’s fair to bring up BC? Are you kidding me? Xbox One gamers get to play 4 awesome games because of GwG and you want to ignore half those games because Sony hasn’t figured a way to let the ps4 play PS3 games for free?

    How about we ignore Vita games because MS doesn’t have a handheld? How about that?
    Also please tell me where you do your game shopping because I’d love to buy games where SSO is $10!

    People like to bring up Zheros’ metascore and yet ignore Hardware Rivals which was free on ps+ in the SAME month that Zheros was and scored even less! Just seems like your story’s narrative is angled to fit your personal agenda and not about the facts.
    Games like Rayman Legends and Tomb Raider have been omitted from your article. Let’s also not ignore the fact that PS3 games have dropped in quality as of late as well, especially compared to GwG.

    I’m sorry but brown nosing while simultaneously bending over and taking it in the rear is not my idea of being a consumer. Defend your Lord Sony all you want and lucky you because you have a platform for it but the rest of us non sheep will continue to take a hard pass on that.

    Ps I fully expect my comment to be deleted.

    • Amen!!!

    • Hopefully with lashes and people unhappy about the ‘lack of BC’ – as much as I am a person who is sick and tired of whining people who complained about BC being lost last gen (Because BC was NEVER a thing until PS2 existed and played PS1 games and PS3 played both. BC was a short-lived feature that only a minority cry for in comparison to the majority.

      However! Microsoft is bringing it back and using it as a features that boosts their ‘Games for Gold’ vs PSN+, meaning PSN+ which arguably jousted and beat what Xbox and Xbox 360 used to be superior at in online capabilities, Microsoft is slowly trying to retake their crown of online achievements, since Sony had caught up with them in quite a short while in the later-portion of PS3’s lifespan and PS4.

      Adding BC is not something everyone cares for, we do not need to kid ourselves in thinking we speak on behalf of a majority with a Herd-mentality, this is reality. Though, Sony is no doubt squandering Remasteries and Individualizing titles of old-gen to try to use it as a means of software profiteering. They no doubt are looking into some form of BC, and it’s likely through emulation – just Sony doesn’t seem confident enough to launch their emulation since the results of testing the many games of PS1/PS2/PS3 are not good enough to meet public demand, I have no doubt about this. However, I’m also sure Sony doesn’t have emulation prioritized as something high on their list of ‘Things to do’, which means the process will take longer to become real.

      People I feel have to understand these two perspectives of priority, how it’s only for a minority, business and how Microsoft using it as a tactic to gain a ‘hardcore demographic appreciation’ may help push Sony to putting it a bit higher on their list so as long as this competitive thrives and makes them want to compete and best eachother even in the little details.

  2. well Justin, thank you for your opinion…. now lets get real shall we. The fact that playstations indy giveaway is nothing short of tragic. The majority of ps4 owners are tired of the indie titles, yes some are fun, yes some are worthy of buying but every month its the same story. Who buys a 400 dollar system to play indie games ? .. and before the arguement comes up that if you want a game buy it, thats silly, im pretty sure thats what is keeping the game economy going. everyone IS buying games! But that doesn’t mean we cant expect sony, a million dollar company to throw us a bone once and awhile. Knack? Black flag?Killzone? ghost? … i meen cmon! whos buying these games now? why not instant library them and hope for some trickle money on dlc content ? playstation is nickel and dimeing us and us gamers need to step up and demand better service !

  3. WTF… Dude I started using this service back in 2011 because we were promised games, not shovelware. If the PS4 had PS3 or PS2 BC non of this crap would’ve mattered because they’d be able to release those games on both PS3 and PS4 and EVERYBODY would’ve been happy, but no! “REMASTERES” for the win!

    Your article is BS bro.

  4. I can’t help but agree with other comments in this section in that this is the most biased article I have read in quite some time which is saying something. Yes Playstation plus will have a decent month in April. However they have had pretty much an all indie lineup for 2 years. I dont have a problem with indie games in general as there are quite a few that I love but most of them that I have played from this service has sucked in my opinion. Microsoft has been mixing it up and have included AAA titles as well. This service was great in the PS3 era but it has been a shell of its former self and none of your nonsense can cover that up.

  5. You make some good points till the part when you say people think microsoft is the good guy now. It makes you sound like a fanboy implying that you think sony is the “good guy”. No corporation is a good guy or bad guy they are just a collection of people that want to make money period. Every pr move sony has done this gen has been about maximizing profit same goes for Microsoft which is why they didn’t go ahead with their b.s always online thing. Microsoft is loseing bad this gen so they have to step it up with games,price,value etc. Sony doesn’t have to since the ps4 basically prints money at this point. Just don’t go thinking any corp cares about you cause that’s when they can do what ever anti consumer thing they want

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