Street Fighter: Resurrection Episode 3 “Mission Critical” Review

Things ended on a bit of a cliffhanger last week when Decapre, (one of Bison’s Dolls, teenage girls that were taken and brainwashed to become his assassins) caught on to Interpol’s undercover agents. Episode 3 picks up right where 2 left off, with her giving a message to Interpol about a Dark Hadou bomb that’s powerful enough to destroy anything within a mile. And that Shadowloo will be giving these to terrorists around the world. Both Ken and Ryu want to go in and help out, but unknown to both parties, Charlie Nash and Laura are there on their own mission.

Charlie and Laura split up and start to take out some of Shadowloo agents and even manage to get the power off, which they use to their advantage. Charlie is chasing after Decapre who has the bomb in her possession, and that’s when Ken and Ryu show up, with Ken and Charlie get into a bit of a rematch from their fight from the previous episode. While Ryu tries to go after the bomb, and Decapre narrowly escapes him.

The action in this episode was great as all of them have been, one thing that I actually noticed this episode was the music. I really enjoy movie and video game soundtracks, and this one had some that I felt helped to fuel the emotion that the creators want the fans watching it feel. I did feel like the accent was a little off for Decapre’s actress. But I felt like she played the character well, and it’s just a small complaint on my end. But all in all, I’ve enjoyed these series that they’ve created and hope that they will continue to make these.

I thought this episode did just the opposite of what the last one did, where they started with action then went into the story, this time, around, they started with the story and led into the action. And all the pieces are on board for the final episode. I liked this episode, for the fact that it leaves everything still up in the air with no clear resolution. I can’t wait for the next episode.

I’m still a believer that they should’ve just continued the World Warrior storyline (based on the first Street Fighter game) that they were originally planning to film, that is until Capcom asked them to do something that would tie in closer to the story of their latest game Street Fighter V. (this is not confirmed, but my understanding from what I’ve read) Because now if they want to do the World Warrior Storyline which I truly hope that they do next, now they have to go backwards in the timeline to do it, which can be confusing to fans who don’t follow the game’s storyline too well.

Street Fighter Resurrection stars Mike Moh as Ryu, Christian Howard as Ken Masters , Natascha Hopkins as Laura , Alain Moussi as Charlie Nash, and Katrina Durden as Decapre. What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments below! Make sure to come back next week as we review Episode 4 “Countdown”of Street Fighter Resurrection!

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  1. Quick note: I am part Russian and speak it also. My mother has a heavy accent and is used to coaching for film. The accent I portrayed is moscovite with a hint of westernisation as decapre would have been in Bisons company for some time. I guess most people are used to a more cartoony accent. Ah well. Thanks for your kind words.

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