Everything We Learned About The Destiny April Update Today

This is really a part two of three articles about Destiny’s upcoming April Update, if you didn’t get a chance to read my first article on this, here’s the link for Part One, the first article really focused on the overall changes such as max light levels increasing, and the updated Prison of Elders bosses. Part two is really about the rewards that you will earn from playing in the updated activities, some of the changes to game are:

-Some updated Year One weapons and gear with updated stats that are now more powerful than ever.

-Chroma is a new customization feature in the game that gives the individual pieces of your armor giving your Guardian a colored glow. That’s right, individual pieces each can have their own Chroma, so you can mix and match the colors how you’d like to. There are four colors confirmed so far, white, yellow, red, and blue (which looks closer to a teal)

-Weapons are also able to use Chroma, but just one per weapon. Also, you can re-roll the colors for just 100 Glimmer and a new Chroma.

-New armor sets- There’s going to be at least 5 new armor sets per class, one for each of the three factions, one Taken themed set called Desolate, which once you assemble all the pieces unlocks the Taken “Shiver” emote, Spektar which was designed with Chroma in mind.

-New Taken themed weapons and gear, the ones that were shown most notably were the shotgun and void sword, also a new Taken themed ghost was shown.

-New vehicles such as sparrows and ships to unlock, at least, one of the ships is Taken themed.

-A new setting to turn off your HUD was shown, it won’t even show the reticle on your weapon. If you forget that you disabled it, you will get a small notification at the bottom of your screen reminding you that you can change your HUD settings to get it back.

-An updated Infusion system that takes the higher number of the two pieces of gear and makes that the number for the weaker piece, before you would get around the median of the two numbers with the Infusion. This will make leveling up your light much easier and faster than before.

-New emotes will be available for purchase with Silver through Eververse, a good variety has already been shown off, my favorite being the one that uses the actor Shia LaBeouf’s “Just do it!” viral speech.

-Sterling Treasure will be a new item that you can get up to three times per week from a few different places such as the Postmaster that will include Chroma and Taken armor sets, other ways to get them will be to complete a match in the featured Weekly Crucible playlist, completing one Level 41 Prison of Elders activity, and you can buy some with Silver from Eververse.

-A new page of space added to each tab of the vault to increase storage space for players who love to collect armor sets and their favorite weapons.

-The ways to get level 335 gear was detailed, you can get it from 7 activities: Kings Fall (hard mode once the hot fix is added), Iron Banner, Trial of Osiris, Exotic Engrams, Court of Oryx, Challenge of the Elders, and Strike Uniques.

And that’s all I have from today’s update from Bungie, please check back next week when they reveal the third and final part which covers “Live Updates”. What do you think of this new information that Bungie released today? As always, feel free to leave your feedback in comments below. I can’t wait until April 12th. Until next time Guardians.

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