Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collectors Edition Sold Out After 30 Minutes Of Pre-Orders Going Live

After the announcement only a few hours ago, the Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collectors Edition is already sold out on Square Enix’s official store which is the only store which will sell the limited to 30,000 copies edition. This very exclusive version of Final Fantasy XV is priced at $269.99, and was said to have sold it in no more than 30 minutes after pre-orders had opened.

The Ultimate Collectors Edition includes the following according to the description on the store, “all Deluxe Edition content plus an additional exclusive two-disc steelbook containing the official Blu-ray Disc Music (featuring music from FINAL FANTASY XV, KINGSGLAIVE and BROTHERHOOD) and the BROTHERHOOD Blu-ray (containing an exclusive sixth episode). Also includes a PLAY ARTS -KAI- Noctis action figure with Ultimate Edition-exclusive weapon.”

final fantasy

If you go to the store now, you will be offered a waiting list spot which means they may have not put all allocated stock on the site just yet so there is hope still, but for now they are not selling anymore copies.

Let us know in the comments section if you managed to buy a copy.

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  1. They went up a couple mins early… So glad I grabbed mine. =^.^=

  2. I was also able to nab a copy just before they were supposed to go on sale.

  3. dont worry only half of them went to scalper and are now on ebay for only the low low price of $650.

    • The funny thing is that I will totally pay that price…

  4. Funny thing about selling on eBay this far out, it’s against their listing policies.

    A buyer must have the presale item within 30 days of purchasing it on eBay.

  5. Here a blurb so this is cemented into internet History.

    Roughly around 11:00 EST on 3/30/2016, at a FF15 event, they announced the Sept 30th release date and the subsequent special editions. The Pre-orders would go live on the Square Site at 9 PM PST or Midnight EST…

    The PS4 edition went live 3 minutes before Midnight EST, X-box One followed shortly after. Site an hour before hand when the announcement went live was getting hammered by logins attempts and was buckling under pressure. Around 30 minutes before the go-live time the site stabilized. I was able to order right before the Midnight without any issues. Around 10 Minutes after midnight (EST), the PS4 edition was pulled from the listing on Square Enix website. So you could no longer get to it via search or even google. The XBoxOne was still listed at that time. Users who had the URL saved or caught the direct link to the Square Store, could still go on the site and PRE-ORDER briefly. Its likely Square staff de-listed as soon as they found out the amount of pre-orders were intense… Sometime according to the various news sites both Ultimate Editions were sold out roughly 30 minutes after being listed.

    For Reference if there was a equal spit between XBox and PS4, who knows how those 30k were distributed. But in the end all i can say is that $270 per x 30,000 = $8.1 Million dollars in 30 minutes… (this doesn’t take into account the actual cost but lets say it was easy profit for someone)

    • Yeah, let’s hope they see that and start getting ready to make even more UCEs.

      I know I would if I were in their place.

  6. I’ve been waiting for this for 10 fucking years and I missed this collector’s edition pre-order :'( I’m so sad right now…

    • My face after seeing the words “SOLD OUT” im still hoping theyll release more and i’ll be checking my email ever ytime i get a notification

    • For reals!!!! ME TOO!!! I collect game’s collector edition and i’m soooo mad and pissed this one came out sooo early without any noticed when they clearly said they’ll email me when it’s up, but I didn’t know it was literally the day after they announce ff15!!! Sooooooo maddddd, I waited everyday and only to find out later it’s sold out 3 days ago…. Sigh!!!! I love jrpg and I madly love collecting collectors edition with statue, I even have glass case on wall for that Noctis statue!!! 🙁

  7. hey guys ,lets make a group on facebook or twitter , and complain to square enix and make the relist more ultimate edition in the store ,.. what do you say guys ??

  8. after the annoucment for the ultimate edition was made i was on the stores site constantly refreshing until the ps4 listing came up. Preordered the uce. Waited on my comfirmation email to be sent.I didn’t get a confirmation email until Friday evening and that was after I had attempted several times to contact customer support.when I read the confirmation email. I was dumbstruck my order couldn’t be validated due to the product being out of stock. So I’m apparently on a high priority waiting list. Which would really suck if I miss out on getting the version I had originally placed . and really disappointed in square enix’s customer support. Which lacked promptness when I inquired about my order and the confirmation email

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