Sold Out Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition Selling On Ebay For $800

It looks like the Final Fantasy XV Ultimate Collector’s Edition is the scalpers new target after already going after the Playstation VR throughout March and reselling on Ebay for $1000. This time however they are re-selling the $299.99 Collector’s Edition for $800! Let me clarify that for you too, selling as in sold and paid for. Here’s a screen capture of the purchases on Ebay so far.



It’s not surprising that it’s a big reseller as it was announced as a Square Enix store exclusive with only 30,000 being made worldwide. Pre-orders sold out in just 30 minutes, and the people who were not so lucky to buy it are buying it on Ebay for these insane prices.

It’s a shame the scalpers are winning this one, hopefully more stock will be announced soon like the Playstation VR to stop resellers doing this.


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