5 Times Players Were Ripped Off With DLC

Sometimes, DLC content can bring a lot of fun into great video games. Other times, however, a lot of great games bring in unnecessary and useless DLC. Whether this DLC brings in content that’s practically useless or gives the player too much freedom, DLC really hits some rough patches with certain games. Here are 5 times players were totally ripped off with DLC:

1. The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion – DLC For Your Horse


This is a joke, right? Nope, if you wanted armor for your horse in this game, you had to pay extra money for it. It’s such a simple thing, yet somebody went to a conference room one day and gave the producers the bright idea that they should make gamers pay extra for practically useless horse armor. God forbid, your horse is naked. I guess if you really wanted the aesthetic of armor, you were an animal lover, or if you just had the OCD of getting all the DLC that every game can offer, then you bought this horse armor. If you did, however, I’m sorry to say that you were totally ripped off – but you probably don’t need me to tell you that.

2. Xbox Live Avatars

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Are you serious, Microsoft? You make people pay $500 for a brand new console, then you charge them an additional $50 a year to have Live membership, and then you want to charge people for avatar aesthetics? Give me a break. Actually, I guess it’s smart of Microsoft to actually do this though, because people are clearly gullible enough to buy it. Go buy an actual pair pants for yourself instead of spending it on an non-interactive useless character. I think the only thing you’re showing when you buy equipment and armor for your avatar is that you spend money very easily, because tricking out your avatar is a total rip-off and it’s useless.

3. Street Fighter III – Color Packs


Capcom has a terrible, and I mean terrible history of terrible DLC. This is the most laughable yet – you had to pay money to change the color of your character. It’s literally the exact same costume with a different color plastered on it. But hey, at least you can show off how cool your neon green clothing is to other people, right? Wrong! Other players can’t even see the “costumes” unless they themselves owned the DLC as well! So much for that.

4. Battlefield 4: Ultimate Shortcut


Well, this DLC isn’t “useless”… but it makes playing the game useless, so it counts. I guess the producers saw earning upgrades as a reward for playing the game was useless. So, instead, you could buy this pack that basically unlocks everything for you. You could just, you know, play the game and unlock it yourself in single player mode. But, if you really hate playing video games and you basically just want someone to do all of the unlocking for you, then you could buy this pack, unlock everything, and then throw the game out in 10 minutes because you realize that what you’ve done has ultimately defeated the purpose of the game.

5. The Saboteur – Nudity


Ok, I had to sit down just thinking about this one. One of the most interest parts about The Saboteur is that you can actually pay to see video game nudity. Yep, you’re just $3 away from seeing something totally unnecessary in video games, especially when you’re just a perfectly free google search away from seeing what’s above the waistline of real women. I think it’s pretty smart of the producers to do this if you ask me, because there are plenty of gullible people out there want want to see nudity in their video games. I don’t know about you, but I don’t need to see content like this when I’m playing a video game.

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