After The Reaction To Quantum Break, Don’t Expect Devs To Take The Same Risks That Remedy Took

Quantum Break is due for release this coming Tuesday, April 5th. This is a game that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. It is doing a lot of things that I feel that this generation of gaming should be doing and that’s taking risks, and making bold leaps forward. But not every critic agrees, as some of these risks that Remedy Entertainment hasn’t necessarily gotten the best feedback, and that’s why I think that after the reaction to Quantum Break don’t expect developers to take risks anymore.

The TV series that goes alongside Quantum Break is extremely fresh and unique to video games. In the past certain games have had live-action series that are released around the same time but they usually don’t have the same impact that the in game live action series that Quantum Break features. Quantum Break’s live action series changes depending on the choices that you make throughout the video game sections. It’s something that could change the way we play video games in the future, or how cut-scenes are produced in video games.

So, when you see a game like Quantum Break that’s taking a fresh and unique approach to their storytelling and its gets looked down upon, it upsets me. Video games are the sandboxes in which many people like to play in, and I like to see developers try new things out and take the risk needed to be different from the average video game. Quantum Break took many risks, and in my opinion, it paid off. A majority of critics and gamers on the other hand do not seem to like these innovative changes to storytelling. It’s reactions like this that causes developers to play it safe, and stick to what worked in the past just so their video game can be excepted to the mass audience. What we don’t know is the next big thing could be out there in video game development, but we the gamers aren’t allowing the creative freedom that the devs teams want.

It’s very common for leaps and changes to not get good receptions and reviews, take Call of Duty for example, one of the most popular games out there. It has gone from a realistic approach with modern day wars and combat to being a futuristic shooter with made up wars and different game play elements. In particular, stereotypes from what we believe the future will be “one day” (flying around maps, running across walls, robots etc.) Many players who at one time would complain that “Modern Warfare has run its course” are the same people who are wanting Call of Duty to go “back to its roots” or “make the games similar to Modern Warfare” or even remakes of the old games. It’s just an example of the many times a development team has been criticized after trying to freshen up their series or the genre of their video game.

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from the entertainment business, is that you should never listen to the critics, that’s usually something that’s just one person’s opinion is on the subject.  Innovation doesn’t come from doing the same thing the same way that you’ve always done it, it comes from going beyond what you think you can do, and then breaking the mold. That’s when you get something that’s fresh and unique, which is what you want in a video game. If you wanted to play what you had in a previous generation then it’s time to dust off your old games, and play them again, we’re now in the 8th generation of gaming and a lot of things will change whether you like it or not.

We as gamers should be praising Quantum Break and Remedy for not being afraid to take risks and make something extraordinary, which is what the video game community wanted so much out of the 8th generation. With that being said, my hats off to you Remedy Entertainment. I hope you keep doing what you do best, and that is revolutionizing the video games industry with your innovative pieces of work.

We would like to know if you agree or disagree with the opinions made in this article. It’s time that you let everyone know if you want games to stay the same or do you want innovation in the video games industry? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Until next time, keep gaming.

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  1. it really does suck.
    wish reviewers were more open to things.

    • like having a tv show in a video game? i want my next video game to have 10 legal virgins females with it

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          • How do I do that by questioning your intelligence?

            Do you even think before you comment?

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            I think you grossly overestimate your own intelligence.

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            I’ll answer for you, since I’m not sure you really can: because sarcasm doesn’t translate well in a text-only environment.

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          • You truly are a fool. You try to make everyone that doesn’t share your viewpoint a failure or indicate with the way you comment that they have failed at something. Like it is some sort of competition when they don’t agree with you. I suppose in your mind it allows you to make assumptions like if VR and XB1 were paired together. If you don’t think you can win what you consider the main argument you wordsmith what you want and try to change the argument. I suppose in your mind if you’re the last to comment you win the argument that was never about winning or losing.

          • Sure, sure.

      • You sound like a stinkin pony…… Yes having a high production TV series tied in to a game is very innovative. Unlike you….. I like to watch TV as well. All because your ADHD cant allow you to sit down for 30minutes without twiddling your thumbs and drooling when your ritalin runs out doenst mean a TV show with real actors and premium production values can be enjoyed.
        As for the 10 virgins…. good news is including yourself you only need 9 and you can get them a month from now in the Uncharted 4 MP…… The bad news is only dudes play on PSN.

        • Your arguments are so pathetic I actually find myself pitying keyboard that had to transfer that nonsense.

    • Happy to say that we are very open to these kind of things, and in our review we praise the team at Remedy for it.

  2. “If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from the entertainment business, is that you should never listen to the critics”

    Uhh…. Really now?

    • Unless you want to go insane.

  3. Good piece.

  4. xbots mad lmfao we want video games not tv shows lol

    • We? You have to own an Xbox to be included in we. Just so you know,

      • Not many “gamers” own a xbox though.
        And don’t forget the game is available on pc like most other xbox “exclusives” 😉

      • Yeah, pretty sure “we” refers to gamers, on Xbox or otherwise.

        • Pretty sure you just took the entire context of the response and changed it.

          • Pretty sure I didn’t.

  5. sooner or later they’ll have to take risks because the same thing will not sell good forever.

  6. The market for video games will change as much or as little as it needs to in order to survive.

    • Or until Xbox gets in on it, right?

      • Once again you make assumptions probably because you would rather have the world as you think it works than the way it really works. VR is simply too expensive no matter what console or device that may be required to run it costs.

        • I make assumptions based on your actions. Things are generally bad in your eyes unless Microsoft is doing it.

          How did you determine that it’s too expensive? Because you say so? So far, it seems, the market disagrees with you. Of course, we won’t REALLY know until they’re all released. But I’m fairly certain- and anybody who knows your comments would probably agree- that you’d have a completely different outlook if Microsoft were fielding a competing product.

          • I look at the main competitors in price and where they are mainly marketing there products. PSVR $500 with all the rest being more expensive. For even a middle class living in America, Europe, Australia, etc. that is considered a lot of money. As for me loving Microsoft you have absolutely no facts to base your comments on beyond the fact I have an XB1, which I paid $34 (USD) for it.

  7. Its just Xbox One MS media bias. The show is completely optional for one the game itself works independent of it. People trying to dock the game for the show is just them trying to find anything they can to take the score down….. It would be like docking Mario 64 because of the Mario Bros. cartoon show.
    I cant wait to play the game. from what I have seen already with the level of detail and production value that has went into this game anything less than a 7 would be slander. And just knowing how well Remedy makes games I am sure I will be loving the game.

    • Yea but without the show the games about 7hours long with no mp.
      The choices are all fake because the game only has one ending.
      There just no replay value at all.
      Its the sort of game you rent imo

        • I would it you actually play it most of the time your watching a tv.
          Its lazy having no mp

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          • Oh so you finally agree with me then?

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            Its not my fault QB got shit reviews chill out xbot

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          • Its at 78 on metacritic so not exactly game of the year.
            But you don’t care because your a cross platform player!!! LMFAO

          • I never said it was goty material. Wanna know how I know you’re biased. Check your non gamer profile quote. All the proof ANYONE needs. 🙂

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            Thanks for taking the time to check it lol bit sad but that the type of fan boy you are

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          • Was this a competition? I thought it was just a conversation
            P.s your damage control so far has been awful careful ms don’t fire you 🙂
            I mean all this does is makes you look like a desperate fanboy and it isn’t helping sales is it?
            *looks at Sony 40 million sales.
            Yea looks like you are….

          • Yeah yeah whatever. You talk about damage control as if there isn’t such a thing as constant damage slinging. Like you think its OK to spread your negative nonsense and nobody shoukd care. You spend every post you have to downplay everything related to xbox. You would throw a party if thousands of Xbox developers lost their job. That’s the kind of person and supposed “gamer” you are.

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            Sounds like fanboy bs to me.
            Don’t worry mate I’m sure the xbone will get its bloodborne game one day unfortunately not one xbox exclusive has a 90+ game on metacritic.
            The xbone only has average games at the minute maybe thats why “gamers” avoid it like the plague 😉 just a thought.
            P.s am I “winning” yet ? Can never tell lol

          • I never said anything you just wrote. Pay attention and comprehend. Comprehension is key here. Something I can’t teach you.

            I said

            “How can anyone call themselves a gamer if they can’t enjoy games anywhere?”

            What part of that said ANYTHING about xbox? ZERO. None. ZILCH. Nada.

            You are changing what I’m saying to turn it into which is a better platform. You disregard the fact that I NEVER speak about Playstation in the manner you speak of xbox. Why? Who knows. Maybe you get picked on at School. Perhaps you get beat up there and this is your way of exacting revenge on a community you could belong to, which community? The gaming community. Instead you back one horse and constantly spit on your fellow gamer. So you can feel like you arent a loser. To me in my book. I can appreciate gaming anywhere. So when little kids like yourself constant spend every waking second to talk about how much corp. cxck you can suck at one corporation it confuses me. If that’s the image you want to convey they by all means. Embrace it. I don’t care where you place your lips and enjoyment.

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          • I’m not even reading that I didn’t ask for your life story LMFAO many many “gamers” have not bought the xbone not just me,chill out your favorite brand is nichie this gen and no amount of damage control and crying is gonna change that.
            Ms fucked up and gamers turned their back.
            The hate they receive is totally justified.
            If hurts fanboys like you but that’s life unfortunately

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          • “ps4 owner microsoft can keep the 720p box”

          • that he’s biased? lol i don’t care, i liked the pic nothing more nothing less 😀

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          • eh np =) happens to the best of us.
            btw your avatar is disturbing AF lol.

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          • Yeah, that’s it.

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          • Go play a MP game. It’s a TIME travel game. There are no MP games with time powers. It can’t be done. Example: Time Shift.

      • That is what I would think to if I listened to the co%#sucker bias media as well. In reality…. The show is a coexisting part of the game that is in itself independent yet tied to the game. The ending is set but the path to getting there is not. The TV show actually changes based on your actions. Remember the old saying its not the destination its the journey. It would be like saying if you drive from New York to LA all the paths are the same because you are going to end up in LA…… Yeah I know, that’s stupid right. And there is your Replay value….. and that 7 hour mark is just slander talk. f you really try to play it on easy paying no attention to the game and just shooting through…… maybe…. but only weirdoes do that and people trying to break records. I an most consumers are going in wanting to dive in to the world and play a game. Not the gaming equivalent of data entry……..And in truth I never had issues with shorter blockbuster style games. I would like a solid intense 7-10 hours over 60 hrs of humdrum tasks, and fetch missions. I don’t rent games. I will probably pay this game like I am watching a Netflix series. Take in a couple episodes chill out come back do a few more. It will probably last me a week or 2 of relaxed high end gaming.

        • Good man hope you enjoy don’t forget opinions mean shit to you as a individual.
          It could be 10/10 for you and 0/10 for me and vice versa.
          A review is just one persons opinion thats it.

          • OMG this game is great. I have now played it and can now with out doubt or mercy badger and destroy anyone that says this game is not great.
            What people fail to get when hiding behind opinions is 1) and opinion can be wrong….. 2) a review is not an opinion.

          • Thats what metacritic is for 😉

          • Metacritic is a broken and flawed system. There are no checks and balances to stop malicious reviews and trickery. And it doesn’t even deal with the fact that a bunch of opinions only equal an opinon. Reviews have to follow some sort of set standard otherwise you are just listening to people making $hit up.
            That’s why fags and weirdoes use metacritic……. Do you use metacritic?

          • Totally disagree

    • The media has been biased TOWARD the Xbox for years now. That’s such a weak excuse.

      It would be like docking Mario 64 because the Mario Bros. cartoon was an included part that broke up the pacing and was vital to understanding the story.

      You will love the game because it’s on Xbox and no other consoles.

      • Listen…. you can hide from the truth and spin all you want but I don’t need an interpreter or the internet to confirm for me what I see. Every single X1 release the media rolls out the red carpet of negative sentiment usually before anyone gets a chance to play it…. or really early in the release. The only game I saw this happen to for Sony this gen was The Order 1886. Look…. Sony is winning and whatever it is they are doing is working…. so rejoice. But don’t come in here trying to tell me the media hasn’t been actively trying to tank the X1. There are to many examples … to act like they don’t exist is you disrespecting yourself.
        The TV portion of QB is completely optional and just tells the story from another perspective. They have said several times you could totally ignore the show and still get the story. You wont get all the little details and back stories of characters and know what Guy X had for breakfast that morning but you wont lose anything that will leave your understanding of the finale incomplete. The TV portion is for someone that likes the games story enough to where they would like to know more… if they are judge grinding through and loving using the powers and looking at the graphics then they don’t have to be sidetracked by a high production value TV series.

    • “…It would be like docking Mario 64 because of the Mario Bros. cartoon show.”

      Sure, if the show were an integral part of that game’s intended experience. Otherwise, that comparison is so weak you’d have to check its pulse.

      Up until now, I’ve assumed that the TV show component of Quantum Break WAS an integral a part of the narrative experience of the game. If it still is, then would it be detrimental to the developer’s efforts to refuse to critic that part of the experience, and only so one can salvage the game’s score?

  8. I wouldn’t bother. There will always be wannabe reviewers giving low scores to major games. The only goal of these guys is get attention, and it works, cause people freak out with Low scores!!

    Quantum Break received a lot of high scores from well known reviewers, so it’s fine

    • And 6/10 from one of the biggest game website around game spot.
      Sounds like someone is in denial

      • Look! Another fanboy!!

        As for me, I couldn’t care less about quantum break. I won’t buy it. I like co-op games 😉

        • Why is anyone being negative about a xbox product automatically a Sony fan boy?
          You guys need to get out more

          • I know you are because The way you post makes it so obvious…

          • Nah people can be negative about a game it is a product after all.
            If my post upsets you your obviously a xbox fan boy 😉

          • You need to get out more. I mean… Just look at your profile. How old are you??


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          • Hahaha calm down mate lol you xbots are hilarious.
            Its not my fault QB got shit reviews 🙂

          • But if he’s only got two friends on XBL- not sure why you’re so hung up on that- doesn’t it seem more likely that the he DOES get out?

          • Not if he has 12000+ comments on disqus lol

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  9. Good who wants a tv show in the middle of a game their playing.
    Risk my ass it was lazy if anything

    • You again! My god!!!

      You are trying so hard to downplay this game

        • How embarrassing. I’m saving that picture for myself too. No wonder he hates xbox. He only made 2 friends ever on xbox live. Lol.

          Check out this pic I have where he tried to pretend I didn’t have a PS4 because I didn’t hate xbox.

        • How embarrassing. I’m saving that picture for myself too. No wonder he hates xbox. He only made 2 friends ever on xbox live. Lol.

          • Not sure I get it. But it’s pretty funny that you find it something to “save” for yourself. Or sad, rather than funny.

            Is this the mentality of people who lean Xbox? Between this and your buddy Aaron up there and my own experiences on XBL, I wouldn’t blame anybody who didn’t want “friends” on that network.

          • Oh get off it.

          • Likewise.

        • If sony is better why does Xbox have all the exclusive Esports? Gears, Halo 5, ect.

          • You say “all,” then can only list two games? And is that seriously how you measure which is better?

          • I wasn’t aware I needed to spoon feed people information. I’ve got things to do. Google it if your that curious. I did and the only Esport PS has over xbox is COD. If I’m wrong, guess what! I don’t care. Not caring is awesome. Watch me reply and not care to ever reply again. Good day.

          • lol, so you don’t care, but you bothered to reply. You make a claim, but don’t care if you’re wrong.

            The best thing you can do in a situation like this IS not reply.

          • Don’t tell me how to live my life. Your a troll. Your profile verifies it. F off or get reported. Idgaf about your incessant need to be “right”. Get a life scrub.

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          • I take it your American fat and upset lol

  10. So if the game is good it’ll sell….. Right?!

  11. My guess is that the TV show was encouraged by Mattrick before he was ousted as Xbox head. He’s responsible for the other TV shows which I believe were cancelled (except for the E.T. dig). It was a risk, but one that ignores the true desire of the gamer. We want games. Spending money on TV is throwing money away.

  12. I’m a few hrs into it and think it’s pretty good, nothing mindblowing, just pretty good

  13. Totally agree with you…people are stupid to assume something as real if one person says something or the negative parts in reviews accepts as the truth.

    I don’t get it, are they stupid? (or worse psonlyboys)…Remedy makes the best game of the generation every time again…why can’t they just accept that??

  14. Just taking a risk doesn’t mean it’ll have been worthwhile. If they didn’t execute well, why praise them simply for taking the risk?

  15. The Indie scene is where you want to look for inspiration for innovation.

    Blending live action with games is not a good idea. We want to play games, not watch them.

  16. Don’t “risk” spending six years making a AAA 8 hour game, got it. Didn’t we learn that with The Order 1886 except that was 4 years?

  17. Before I jump on the bandwagon to crucify a game. I’m gonna play it first and see what I think. Far too many people in these comments who don’t own a system to play the game on and pretend they are upset about the game based on a few poor reviews. Rather convenient for these usual suspects to rag on a game they could never play. Sad to see so many people willing to canabalize their own community for bragging rights of their favorite console. These guys would like a great developer to lose their jobs over a silly piece of plastic.

    I’ll actually play it first before I ever believe this game deserves a 4/10. 2 negative reviews doesn’t spell disaster it just spells exaggeration from those same idiots.

  18. It’s got nothing to do with taking risks, the game is being panned by the critics because it’s a cheap, worthless, poorly developed, last – gen POS. Just another worthless, overhyped shovelware game for morons like Halo and Gears were, it thoroughly deserves to get taken apart on Metacritic for it’s trash gameplay, trash graphics, trash storytelling and trash production.
    These mentally sick, delusional Microsoft scumboys can run damage control and defend it to the high heaven’s all they want, just like they do with their inferior console’s pathetic sales figures, but that doesn’t change the fact that Quantum Break is a worthless piece of garbage of a game.
    The game is a failure on Metacritic because the real gamers and reviewers don’t share the same blind worship of Microsoft’s Poverty – Box that some of the fantards that plague the internet do. Deal with it.

    • Your entire comment is trash. The game isn’t out yet, and I’m willing to bet you don’t have a review copy. So how can you have such a strong opinion about a game you have never played? Troll.

      • This homosexual the truth is the biggest troll out there, so I make it a point remember that the truth is he is just a ghetto cracked out loser using a library computer pretending he is a actual gamer. Ps4 is the best he claims, but he is never playing….. just trolling Xbox news.

      • I’ve had mine since friday, my biggest gripe so far is the loading times. Apart from that I’m enjoying the game

    • Cheap, worthless, poorly developed
      Mentally sick, delusional….
      Failure…. first words from your momma’s mouth after thinking you were an abortion but heard you cry from the KFC toilet bowl you were born in. I guess these words have stuck with you since then. And the fact you stink of crap and chicken have really stuck with you to, you waste of life troll. What’s wrong… spent all your money on crack again so you can’t buy a ps4.5? Or still paying court fees
      for your indecent exposure to a minor charges?

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        I guess the next time we’ll be hearing from you is when the March NPD rolls around, huh? You have a lot more damage control to be doing for your pathetic FAILURE of a console instead of actually playing it.

        • As much as I hate you, I gotta laugh. Just like when your girlfriend see’s your Dick and has to laugh because your truly pathetic. A sympathy laugh. That’s all you get ghetto dog. Now be a good dog and go clean your balls with your tongue you scumbag. When I read your response I could swear I smelt fried KFC chicken. How long were you in that toilet bowl boy?

          • I don’t clean my balls with my tongue – I get your frail, pathetic, dried up, simpleton street ho of a mom to do it. What’s more, I only pay her 10 cents, hahahahahaha.
            Your insecure, crybaby, damage control moaning over Microsoft’s Poverty Box and it’s trash exclusives is just as pathetic as your mom’s annual income from last year being the 10 cents I give her to lick my balls clean…and that’s BEFORE taxes. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

      • You angry mate? Hahaha QB 6/10 but but it was supposed to be game of the year…….nope another ms fail hahahaha

        • And you’ve played the game? What are you playing other than FIFA? That’s right…. nothing because your ps4 is now obsolete. Save your quid from giving handjobs at your local tavern and maybe you can get a ps4.5!!! Think your mad because Sony gave you the shaft, even before Unchartered was released. Hahahaha, now seriously ……go brush your teeth, its raining outside due to your neglect. Your so pretty oh so pretty…….VACUNT!!

    • I wouldn’t go as far as to say all that. It’s not the blockbuster success that many- especially the Xbox fanboys- thought it would be. But it’s not crap, either.

      Reviewers aren’t enthused by some of the things Remedy tried. They don’t deserve praise JUST for trying. At least, they shouldn’t NOT get marked down if it was implemented poorly.

  19. What exactly is this article asking for!? Is it suggesting that reviewers should ignore there own judgement, and instead falsely praise a game just because the developers took a chance that didn’t work out (in the reviewers opinion)?

    What the hell is this!? What kind of person would ask reviewers to be dishonest in their reviews!? Maybe this is another website for my blacklist. 🙁

  20. I don’t listen to critics. I judge by playing it. I also enjoy bold, new ideas. So I’ll save the fanboy/hater talk till I know first hand.

  21. Sounds to me like you’re over-simplifying the reception. Disapproval of the concept’s execution doesn’t necessarily mean disapproval of the concept itself.

    I like your thinking in general, but I don’t think you’re looking at this the right way. Devs shouldn’t be praised for simply taking risks, not critically I mean. If the reviewer doesn’t like the final product, they don’t like the final product. That’s what they’re judging, THE FINAL PRODUCT. Intentions be damned, it’s the execution that they’re playing, and it’ll be the execution that determines the game’s merit.

    Praising the introduction of new concepts I can understand, but focusing more on that, in service to getting Developers to continue experimenting in the future, would mean sacrificing the quality of NOW in hopes of what may come LATER. That’s a terrible standard by which to judge games, at least as a reviewer.

    And in all honesty, if mixing gameplay with pre-written live action scenarios is supposed to be innovative, and possibly the next step in video game storytelling, then I give up. I thought we were moving away from this incessant need to ape storytelling in film, but now I see it’s only going to get worse.

  22. I think the game will be just fine.

  23. I definitely agree with this article, Remedy is an excellent dev and certainly one of my favorites. I have this preordered and support Quantum Break as well as Remedy 100%. i can’t believe the critics are so harsh on this but the same old shitty cod gets good reviews year after year. Here’s hoping sales are good and we get Alan Wake 2!

  24. Why are Xbox fanboys so salty? The game got good scores. It just wasn’t the GOTY Last of Us killer they wanted it to be. Yes, part of the reason is the TV show/game integration doesn’t really work out, which has been happening for the last twenty years since FMV first became a thing. The real risk is in the new time manipulation gameplay element and for the most part that appears to have worked out. So quit your griping. 🙂

    • I’m pretty sure most anyone that has issue is mostly bothered with usual suspects holding up 3 of 73 reviews as a some holy grail of truth. Ya know the type of people who say they care about developers when they lose their jobs but spend countless hours trying to sabotage a new games release.

      Nevermind the fact about its score. Let’s just focus on the idiots who would put the game down just because it’s associated with xbox. Kids who havent even played the game hanging onto 3% of the popular opinion. Please don’t act like those people aren’t annoying. Same goes for the idiots who just hate anything PS without playing it. Those people know who they are and anyone acting like that isn’t a thing is part of the problem. So don’t assume the people responding are only doing so because it’s score. There are a lot of PS fans that do nothing but try to bring everyone down. Same on Xbox and anyone supporting either is an idiot.

      • Where was this mentality of yours when The Order was being decimated?

        • I was defending it because I freaking played it. I wasn’t on here like your boy dronesjnr talking all this nonsense on a game he never intends to play rallying behind all the negatives to push his favorite console. I buy games on all platforms dude. If you want me to completely change and start posting negative crap about every Playstation game I can. Is that what you want? Cause that’s not me.

          • I hurt your feelings, it seems.

          • Takes more than that. Who says that though? Kind of childish

          • Welcome to the internet, where people who’ve only recently said childish things have no qualms leveling accusations of the same at others.

          • Ah nice. Show me where I’ve put down Playstation anywhere? Because I haven’t so your comparison is utterly flawed. Nice word smithing though. I don’t say crap like “oh you butthurt” or “I mad you sad”. It is childish so I called you on it. That’s middle school antics at best.

          • There’s more than one way to be childish. Surely you’re aware of that.

            And, as I’ve said before, it doesn’t take attacking the other products to be a fanboy; defending vehemently is also a pretty frequent sign.

          • I’d rather defend something I enjoy then spread hate and discontent of someone else’s enjoyment. No one defends something they pretend to like. There sure isn’t a shortage of people out to spread negativity for others enjoyment.

          • Defend things that deserve defending when they deserve to be. Not just defending something whenever. If they do wrong, they SHOULD be called out, don’t you think?

            Same with Sony, right?

          • Reported for spamming

  25. linear garbage

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