5 Games Were We Just Couldn’t Put The Controller Down

“Time flies when you’re having fun.” We all know this popular saying, and it couldn’t be more accurate when we’re referring to some of our favorite games. Hours can easily disappear when we’re building, mining, exploring, engaging combat, or hunting a zillion boars until we’ve acquired just that last chunk of meat we need for that roasted boar recipe we looted earlier.

#5: Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros is considered by some to be one of the best games ever released. It has an incredible amount of memorable moments, gameplay innovations, and gave birth to several very famous, iconic characters such as Mario, Luigi, and Princess Toadstool. It gives us a sense of nostalgia when we pick up a controller for Super Mario Bros and begin to hear that familiar introductory music.


Since Super Mario Bros’ first release in 1985, Mario has made an appearance in over 200 games, so it’s no wonder we can easily spend hours climbing mountains, crossing seas, and fighting off turtle soldiers…all to save the beautiful blonde bombshell Princess Toadstool!

#4: The Sims

‘The Sims’ is a life simulation video game which allow us to control the world of fabricated individuals, families, and pets. There have been four Sims games released for PC, (with numerous expansion packs loaded with content) and several made available for console. Countless times we’ve obsessed over the mood bar for our sims, determined to make sure all their needs were met. Hunger, bladder, energy, comfort, social, environment, and fun levels all needed to be maintained and kept ‘in the green’ levels.

We’d spend hours engaging our Sims in activities such as social interactions, reading books, starting families, and having jobs. It’s real easy to lose track of time when we’re worried about the well-being of our little families. (or big, if you end up “woohoo”ing and have 10 children)


Another fun aspect, and one that we can easily become absorbed in, is the ability to be able to construct your very own dwelling from the ground up. Hours seem to disappear when we build, and noon can quickly turn into night as we customize everything from the foundation to the roof. Once our lovely family home is completed, we can furnish it with a very wide selection of furniture, appliances, and other items from in-game shop.

#3: Grand Theft Auto V

Upon turning on Grand Theft Auto V, we’re immediately transported to the city of Los Santos: our previous lives are left behind and we become absorbed in committing vehicle thefts, fighting basically anyone we choose, and even spending time with our girlfriend.

The virtual sandbox of the city makes our involvement with the game even more consuming since we can create a citizen in our likeness, and have him succumb to our desires. Wealth, female companionship, homes, cars….we can indeed have it all in Grand Theft Auto Online, and it’s certainly no easy task to put down that controller.

Rockstar created quite an amazing game alongside its online component. At this time, it’s impossible to determine when we’d ever grow tired of becoming a part of such an engaging urban landscape.


#2: World of Warcraft

There are many MMO (massively multiplayer online) games which exist that have the potential to steal our waking hours. Perhaps the most famous of all is World of Warcraft. If you don’t play it, you probably know someone who does.

From the very beginning of the game, there are goals that we need to achieve and are constantly working toward, such as getting toward ‘end game,’ which is done by completing a great deal of mundane, repetitive, and time consuming quests. There are dungeons to explore, raids to participate in, and social aspects of the game that have us engaged in role-play and game lore.



#1: Minecraft

Since its release on October 7th, 2011, Minecraft has been one of the most addictive games on the market, and to this day continues to be. It isn’t that old of a game, but with 10 million people playing, it’s no wonder it’s often referred to as, “Minecrack.”

Minecraft was developed by Mojang, and is an excellent gaming option for the general population. Adults and children alike have had fun with creating buildings, fighting monsters such as skeletons and zombies, and digging for treasures like gold, diamonds, iron, and various other precious gems.

Despite the simple visual appearance, the game has all the qualities of an addictive game, and there is plenty to do inside the Minecraft world. We can see how any gamer could completely lose track of time while playing….in fact, you can even build an entire pool complete with a water slide! We cannot help but wonder, just how many times could you climb and then slide down in one hour?”



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