Is The Division Ubisoft’s Next Big Franchise?

Ubisoft has created something new and if you haven’t heard of it, you might just live under a rock. It’s called Tom Clancy’s The Division, a third-person shooter that puts the player in the role of an agent of The Division and you’re going to New York City after a smallpox pandemic swept the city. In this game, you get to really explore New York in an open world environment. And it’s an amazing game, the RPG elements allow you to create a unique and customizable agent. And with its success, it begs the question is The Division Ubisoft’s next big franchise?

This is a game that I feel is one of the must have games in this generation of gaming. The city of New York has never looked better in a video game before, now I’ve never been there myself, but I’ve heard of people when they see someone playing the game, they can look at the screen and say “Hey, that’s Chelsea.” To me that’s just amazing, I was really impressed back when Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas came out, that you could actually go to Freemont Street in the game. That level of detail and realism is something that I applaud the developers from Ubisoft for.I don’t get excited about too many new series often, but this was a game that I’d been excited for since 2013, and now that it’s out, I wasn’t disappointment

I don’t get excited about too many new video game series often, but this was a game that I’d been excited for since 2013, and now that it’s out, I wasn’t disappointed. The gameplay is solid, the multiplayer is a unique experience, unlike anything I’ve played before. And the game just came out, they’ve already shown off their year one plans, with three expansions by the end of the year. Not to mention that on April 12th, we’re getting free content in the form of a new game type called “Incursions” where only the highest level agents will venture to get a chance to get some of the best gear in the game.

This is the kind of game that you want to double down on, I know that I am, I’m already planning on getting the season pass to get access to all of the Year One Expansions, not to mention special benefits each month as a pass holder, which I think is awesome that you get a little something extra rather than just a small discount. I can’t wait to see what Ubisoft does with this potential series, and hope that it can keep the players coming back, and with a mixture of free and paid content, I think they’ve got a great plan in mind. I know that I’ll be there along for the ride.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t overly impressed with the Beta, but I decided to give the game another try and bought the game when it came out, and I’m glad that I did. Just walking around this post-crisis New York City, it makes you want to explore. And the game really does well on making you feel for the victims of this virus. You get to see and hear things that show you what our world could really be like under similar conditions.

Have you played the game? What are your thoughts? Are you excited, like I am about the free content coming out on the 12th? Please let us know your answers in the comments below. And my answer that the article asks is yes, I think that this is the next big franchise for Ubisoft to work with and it will be interesting to see how it affects their other franchises.


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