Mass Effect: Andromeda Gameplay Leaked

It looks like the first footage of Mass Effect: Andromeda has been leaked, we can’t confirm if this is real,  but it looks convincing. The video is down now after a claim from EA, but we managed to capture some screens from the video of the leaked gameplay. Which you can find below.

Update: It has been re-uploaded.

Credit: Playstation Lifestyle for the GIF. (thanks guys)


characterleak characterleak2 explosion fogleak gameplayleak impactleak rainleak

We want to know what you think of these early leaked images? We wish we could show you the full video, but as it’s taken down these images are the best we can do for now.


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    • It doesn’t look new. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was alpha footage from ME2.

  1. Looks amazing but please remove HUD on screen its annoying .make it optional to turn it on/off

  2. Look average and not much better than the 360 version of ME3. Also is every god damn space game or future set game going to have fucking jet pack jumping?

  3. I think this was before even pre-alpha lol.

    • I don’t think you know what pre-alpha is, nor do most people anymore. Pre-alpha is also referred to as first playable and is merely a working prototype that is built prior to any production of the actual game.Alpha has full gameplay functionality and is features complete, but has only partial assets. Beta contains all features and assets and is no longer adding content to the game. Beta is where all the testing is done to find and fix bugs that would prevent it from shipping.

      This footage is clearly late alpha. Game assets are already being added to the game and gameplay has full features and functionality.

      • Ah, smartass of the day. Want a cookie?

        My comment was simply based on the state of the game metaphorically, that it looks very dated. Not that it is literally in “pre-alpha”.

  4. Just like all the aaa titles, and like all the big studios…

    …We can already prepare:
    – 50 dollars/euros , for the 3 first single player DLC’s , released the same day as the main game
    – 3 special pre-order versions from 3 different outlets, each one with a special playable character only available on that store, for 120 dollars each
    – 4 versions avaiable: standard, at 60 dollars, with 30% less content, a 100$ version with a weapon pack and 1 DLC, a 130$ version with almost everything (future content not included), and a 250$ version, with a 1/32 Normandy ship
    – 5 weapon packs at 7$ each, avaiable day 1, or 34$ for all the 5
    – a 80$ season pass
    – 300 dollars/euros, for 10% of the available multi-player skins,outfits, weapons
    – a multi-player grinding system, to force gamers into playing the same levels and level up their characters, so they can have more ‘striking power’ on the single-player game ( a la mass effect 3)

    – thousands of dollars to level up the multi-player characters, with thousands of weapon parts, clothes, etc, a la littlebigplanet, perks, etc

    – AND MOST IMPORTANT : the single player campaign will be much shorter than the other mass effect 1-3, with much less content and missions, shorter story, etc, BECAUSE …
    … +60% of the development time will be spent on the multi-player side, because that’s where the billions dollars are: level ups, perks, weapons, skins, maps, strikes, characters, and other thousands and thousands purchasable items.

    – to avoid gamers spending only 60 $ on the game, spending 50-70 hours playing the main single player campaign, and at the end, they are fed up, and go play a different game they have purchased…without having played the multi-player game, and without having spent hundreds or thousands dollars/euros on mass effect Andromeda multi-player,
    .. the studio will force gamers to go to the multi-player, whether by locking trophies /achievements online, like ‘join 10 multi-player games’, or by forcing gamers to go online and combat, or do whatever tasks ONLINE, and that, DURING the main campaign gameplay, only to force gamers to USE THEIR online pass, and to have gamers put a foot on the multi-player section, for dozens hours, and make it really difficult to win and progress, UNLESS the gamer spends REAL MONEY upgrading his online character.. otherwise, he will have to play 10 hours online, to achieve a simple task, that could be achieved with a little 5 or 10 dollars.

    – for sure, the micro transactions in ME Andromeda will be omnipresent, everywhere, like we gamers haven’t seen before : spaceship, weapons, masks, suits, cars, vehicles, oxygen, ammunition, spaceship parts, bombs, dozens thousands items will be avaiable to PURCHASE. All those parts, skills, options, etc, are just too good to not lock them behind a huge micro transactions system, that will take away between 100 and 300 dollars from each mass effect fan that will want to have ‘100% of the experience ‘

    Mass effect series are on my top 5 games EVER,
    that’s why I’m already disgusted and sad, because Andromeda will simply follow the awful businesses trends, or even worse, and the studio will try to grab all the cash they can, out of it. Because they know there are several million fans that are ready to sell the liver or testicle, just to play another mass effect game.

    • Im guessing you didn’t play Dragon Age Inquisition

      • Why you’re asking ? Is it micro transaction free?

        Edit: just watched a video on YouTube, looks like we can buy ‘chests’ that will give random loot, from average to totally useless.

        So I guess they already started implementing that cancer, on DA: inquisition 🙁

  5. All the Mass Effect games clocked in with great graphics, but all 3 of them bored me shitless. Running about all over the place, getting lost, the odd gun fight and endless amount of time chatting to Joe Bloggs along the way. Too many games out there like that.

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