The Nintendo NX Should Avoid A 2016 Release


We’ve all heard the rumors – the Nintendo NX will not only be shown off this year, but we’re also going to get the console as well. Many, including myself, highly doubt this is going to happen for many reasons. We don’t even have the actual name of the console nor do we have any solid information on it. Let’s say, hypothetically, the Nintendo NX does get revealed and there’s a chance that it will see a 2016 release. Nintendo should avoid making such a move for various reasons.

One reason is the issue of launch titles. If the NX were to release in 2016, Nintendo would need 3rd party companies to come up with launch titles in less than a year. This would be absurdity. Trying to cram in the creation of launch titles before the year ends would result in a dud. Such a dud is not something that Nintendo needs for its next generation console, because Nintendo needs to clean up their act from the Wii U.

Another reason is that we have several titles waiting to be released by the end of the year. These include Star Fox Zero, Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, and Zelda Wii U, to name a few. If the NX releases this year, this could totally butcher the sales of these games if they aren’t compatible with the NX, which they are most likely not to be. It wouldn’t be a smart move of Nintendo to just throw away these potentially great titles by releasing the NX too early. Everyone would immediately forget about the Wii U all together and move on to the newer console upon hearing the release date.

In addition, less than a year is not enough time to market the console. Even worse, we would most likely not see any more information about the system until E3 in June, and less than half a year is definitely not enough time to market a brand new system. Imagine how poorly the sales would do upon trying to cram in all of this information to gamers at E3, advertise it, and then sell it and try to get people to buy it for the holiday. I would be dumbfounded to see Nintendo pull something like this.

Also, think about the Amiibo support. Amiibo are still fresh and they’re still selling like crazy. Some people go insane to get their hands on the golden Mario amiibo or even some of the rarer smash character amiibo like Shulk. Amiibo are bringing in a lot of revenue right now for Nintendo, and while it’s fresh and selling, Nintendo should milk out as much revenue as they possibly can out of these things. This would mean creating newer, rarer amiibo for upcoming titles for the Wii U. This is assuming that the NX will not have amiibo support of course, but if Nintendo tries to bring amiibo into the next generation of gaming, it might get really old somewhere along the way and it will stop selling long before the NX does, so I don’t think the NX will have amiibo support.

Nintendo shouldn’t release the NX in 2016. It would be poor marketing strategy, and that’s not something Nintendo would want to do to its brand new system. Nintendo needs to recover from the Wii U. Many will immediately say that Nintendo needs to move on from the failure that is the Wii U, but Nintendo has to be patient. It wouldn’t be wise of them to jump right into the next generation of gaming without properly marketing their old product and advertising their new product.

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  1. A few good logical point’s but the Wii U is selling worse each month. All the rumours point to a 2016 release for the NX console and 2017 release for the NX handheld. The only game yet to be released that will sell well on Wii U is Zelda and everyone knows that it will release on the NX just like Twilight Princess was a duel release for the Wii and Gamecube. Finally there’s no chance Amiibo support won’t be on the NX, Amiibo will definitely be on NX and there’s a good chance that a Amiibo game is getting worked on by Nintendo justnow for the NX.

  2. Nintendo should wait. The NX really needs to be more powerful than Sony’s PS4.5. They should wait till those specs are released and tweak if need be. Nintendo needs a strong showing with the NX if they want to jump back into the console race and sell enough to be considered strong competition.

  3. Probably has backwards compatibility with Wii-U. I don’t see any reason to panic.

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