Rockstar, It’s Time For GTA V Single Player DLC Now

Grand Theft Auto V, initially released in September 17th, 2013, raked in a staggering $800 million during the first 24 hours of the game’s release, equating to approximately 11 million copies – doubling the initial analysts’ expectations. Three days later, the game itself had over one billion dollars in overall sales, obtaining the title of ‘Fastest Selling Entertainment Product in History’ amongst several other VGX and BAFTA awards such as Game of the Year, Most Anticipated Game, Best Soundtrack and Best British Game to name a few. And they were all definitely well earnt, considering the unbelievable outcome of this game, all of this without GTA Online being released yet.

The single player is somewhat similar gameplay wise to the other incredible games developed by Rockstar Studios such as the highly beloved Max Payne series, L.A. Noire, Red Dead Redemption and many more. It is incredibly story driven, taking you down the paths of three different gentlemen: Michael, a born-again ex-con who’s desired “retirement” is a little less than quiet than he’d anticipated; Trevor, a unique kind of screw loose, violent individual on the constant hunt for the next big score; and Franklin, a younger man, searching for any opportunity to move from one life to the next – all men from completely different walks of life. Grand Theft Auto V engulfed me and the majority of the world immediately, giving us hour upon hour of fun, making it incredibly difficult to put down the controller.

However, on October 1st, 2013, the heavily speculated and desired online feature was released soon after the initial game and it was, or rather still is, incredible. Compared to Rockstar’s previous release in the series, Grand Theft Auto IV, the online mode was unbelievable, offering users the ability to race, play specially designed missions and plan the incredible heist feature much like the single-player missions, bringing players together to earn huge scores of money to spend on luxuries such as sports cars, apartments and even yachts as of a recent update. It had a relatively shaky start, plagued with many technical issues however after a handful of updates it really is something to sing and dance about.

Some fans of the series have been up in arms about the lack of single-player feature updates. It seems as if, in my opinion, Rockstar developers have forgotten the main selling point for the majority of the previous games: the story. The first title update for the game, 1.01, was released to fix some issues found in single player as well as enabling the GTA Online feature. Most updates prior to the recently released were either overall fixes for GTA Online – the biggest update for single player was the ‘highly anticipated’ free DLC pack ‘Beach Bums‘ which was released online as well.

The reason why I’m so irritated about the lack of single player updates is because the older games never had features like GTA Online to the extent that it does now and they were always based around the story, having little minigames such as playing a vigilante and using the police cars to take on the criminals of the state, taxi driving and being a firefighter to name a few. Now, I’m not saying that the single player on GTA V is without its incredibly huge share of entertainment value; GTA V developers clearly learnt a lot from another previously developed game Red Dead Redemption, which was arguably one of their best open world games, which also included random encounters (also included in the current Grand Theft Auto) that we’ve seen in other games from different genres and they’re definitely something I’d like to see in most games too.

Would it be so difficult for Rockstar to set aside a few more hours for single-player as well? Although, recently there have been leaked reports of DLC, bringing approximately 58 new missions, new locations, new weapons and vehicles. There is nothing to suggest these will be added to the single-player campaign however there is plenty of official evidence that the team are in the process of creating something new.

GTA 5 Story DLC

Shawn Fonteno’s Instagram post.

Franklin’s voice actor, Shawn Fonteno, posted an image on Instagram suited up for a motion capture session – presumably for the aforementioned DLC leak, which is definitely big enough to be a story mode expansion. If this is true, and it’s being specifically being made for story mode then I, amongst many other gamers, will be a very happy man. However, nearly 2 years after the initial game release, have we been waiting too long for something that mightn’t even be what we’re all waiting for?

Let us know what you think, has it been too long since they put any significant interest into single-player? And do you think the 58-mission DLC is plausible enough to be real? We’d love to hear your opinions!

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  1. Agreed. Single player story DLC would be greatly welcomed for GTAV.

    Ballad of Gay Tony is an example of some of the best quality/value DLC I have ever bought and experienced post game, period. At the time, I felt it brought to GTAIV some of the much needed flair of Vice City and at the same time explosions and over the top missions of San Andreas all combined into one exceptionally nice DLC package. Was REALLY hoping Rockstar would follow suit with GTAV single player story DLC.

  2. Its about damn time they release a solo DLC. Its ridiculous that they havent already, it would be a succes both on the economical and player base side within minutes of release. They have the platform and they dont exploit it, its really retarded.

  3. dlc single player is dead,they do milions with gta online

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