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How To Get Quick Souls Early In Dark Souls III

Souls is the “currency” used in Dark Souls III and they are needed to upgrade weapons, buy new items, level up, etc. You need Souls early and fast if you want to have any kind of chance against the upcoming enemies and bosses that await you. Here’s a tip on how to get Souls early and fast in Dark Souls III.

I found a perfect area early in the game were you can rack up a 1000 souls each time you do this trick, it won’t be long until you have 10,000 souls and can start to really improve your character. To get these Souls you must travel to the High Wall Of Lothric, and reach the bonfire at Tower On The Wall. Once there make sure to rest at the bonfire so it will now always be a spawn point.

Going down the stairs you will see a knight enemy which will be tough to beat at first, but will earn you 220 Souls for beating him, once you beat him then kill the enemies around the area were the Knight is for an easy 90 souls. Go down the stairs and you will see many enemies, and a dragon above it. Go down the other stairs, and get the Dragon to breathe fire (happens automatically if the dragon sees you) the dragon will kill all the enemies for you, and it will get you around 700 souls.

Go back to the bonfire, and rest which will restart the area again. It shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes at a time so if you do this for an hour then you will get around 10,000+ souls. If you do it enough times you will have enough souls to afford the tower key which costs 20,000 souls.

Here’s a full video guide.

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