Dark Souls III Suffering From Big Frame-Rate Issues

Dark Souls III is less than a week away from a worldwide release, and it’s been a fantastic game to play so far (expect a review later this week) but there has been a very noticeable issue that has caused the overall impressions of Dark Souls III to decrease, and that is the frame-rate.

There has been some slight mentions in reviews so far about the sometimes inconsistent frame-rate of Dark Souls 3, but as I’ve been progressing through the game there’s been some awful slowdowns. The worst section for these slowdown is an area called “Halfway Fortress” which features a huge swamp and crab enemies. The main causes of the slowdowns are when

  • The player is running
  • There’s multiple enemies attacking at one time
  • There’s many enemies on screen at one time

Here is an example in this video below.

I’ve tested this in other areas, and while it’s still an issue in those areas, it doesn’t come close to Halfway Fortress’s slowdowns/frame-rate issues.

While this is a big issue, Dark Souls III is still a brilliant game and the best I’ve played so far this year so don’t let this fixable issue persuade you to not buy it. You would be missing out on one of the best games of 2016 so far.

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  1. I must be blind, where is the lag in the video?

    • The peasantry is strong

    • The frame rate drops horribly, if you can’t see it then yeah I would assume you are at least partially blind

      • I guess that will work out well when I am playing the game if I don’t notice it.

  2. So what are the specs of your potato?

    • Yeah, right. He fires the game with his crappy rig, gets frame drops and suddenly “DARK SOULS III SUFFERS FROM AWFUL SLOWDOWN! FECKIN DEVS! WILL WRITE ARTICLE ABOOT IT!”

      • We was playing it on PS4…

        • No feckin way the most powerful gaming device on earth would suffer frame drops on a game that requires a petty GTX 970…

          • LOL. Most powerful gaming system 5 years before it was released yea.

          • I have two 980TIs, a 1.2TB NVMe SSD, 32GB Ram, and a 6700k and I still get microstutters and extreme lag even on low settings.

            It’s not the hardware, it’s the game.


        • “We was playing” i think you meant “we where playing”

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