Destiny New Live Updates Coming Your Way

As some of you may already know Bungie is coming out with an update next week on the 12th, and today they showed off some of the Live Updates that will come along with it, here’s what they mentioned:

-Some of the Warlock subclasses are receiving a few changes to their abilities.

-Legendaries will now drop more frequently in Crucible

-Overall tweaks to weapon types

-Some Legendary and Exotic weapons will be receiving a few specific tweaks for balancing

-Special ammo will now work differently in Trials of Osiris, you will start with some, but the ammo crate won’t drop until three minutes have gone by.

-Revives will be a little bit harder to accomplish in the middle of a firefight, you have to be closer to revive and it takes longer to do so with a new seven seconds revive time, that will penalize you for each additional death that you have.


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