How The Nintendo NX Can Kick The 9th Generation Of Consoles Off To A Perfect Start


The 9th generation of gaming is slowly creeping up on us, and the first console we’re most likely to see is the Nintendo NX. Even though we know next to nothing about this console, we can still expect something great from Nintendo. I strongly believe that Nintendo is aware that they screwed up with the Wii U. I think they’ve learned from their mistakes, and I think that because of this, Nintendo has something great coming our way.

One of the best ways the NX can kick the 9th generation off to a great start is with a strong selection of exclusive launch titles. The NX needs to start off with a bang if it’s going to be a success. A great launch title could be a new Zelda or Metroid game. However, the NX should also appeal to more casual gamers right from the start, just like the Wii did with Wii Sports Resort. This game showed the capabilities of the system and made it casual and family-friendly, which I think the NX should start with. The combination of huge and casual launch titles will pull the NX full force into the 9th generation of gaming.

In addition, the game should be more powerful (or at least as powerful) as the PS4. The power of a game system is a very crucial and competitive thing that almost always determines is success. If Nintendo wants to kick off the 9th generation of gaming the right way, they can’t start it off with a less powerful system. It’d be a downgrade from the best of the 8th generation of gaming, and it’d be an embarrassment for Nintendo. I covered this in another article as well, you can read it here.

Most importantly, I think Nintendo needs to include both a revolutionary and classic controller. The revolutionary controller is what made the Nintendo Wii a success. It brought something brand new to the table and it was a wide success. However, you could also plug in your Gamecube controller into the Wii and play some Gamecube games. I think Nintendo should do something like this again because it appeals to two types of gamers – those who want something new and fresh, and those who want the comfort of older controllers. It’d be one step closer to making the Nintendo NX a huge success.

What do you think is crucial for the Nintendo NX to do in order to be a success? Are you expecting the NX to be a revolutionary console? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Finally actually joining the 8th generation is not starting the 9th generation

    • Haha yeah was just going to say that. The Wii U was an extremely late 7th Generation console too. The Wii was literally a Gamecube with motion control support.

      But wow, the author calling the Nintendo XN “kicking off the 9th generation to a perfect start”. That is just precious. Even the name of it is a complete imperfect mess right now that will not grasp the masses attention.

      So going by the author, did the Wii U kick of the 8th generation (which it doesn’t belong to like we stated) off to a perfect start too lol? Or was it dead on arrival even with a New Super Mario Bros game, the highest selling game on Wii ever next to Wii Fit and Wii Sports, at launch?

      Can’t wait for a new generation of Mario spinoffs and maybe even a new Mario game that I can avoid for another 20 years.

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