Street Fighter: Resurrection Episode 4 “Countdown” Review

The fourth episode of Street Fighter: Resurrection picked up with Decapre in possession of the Dark Hadou bomb. She calls someone and we can only hear what she says, but it is indicated that it’s Bison, who tells her to stay with the bomb and stay with it to make sure that it goes off, she tells him that it’s been an honor serving him. Decapre activates the bomb which is set to a three-minute timer. Laura shows up and starts fighting her, Decapre brings out a bladed weapon and begins to get the upper hand when Laura unleashes an electric attack (a special move) and Decapre is forced back and that’s when Charlie shows up and knocks Decapre out in one punch.

Charlie works on defusing the Dark Hadou bomb and Decapre tells him that it’s too late, as the timer is close to reaching zero, she tells him that there’s more where that came from as he disarms the bomb, He then walks over to Decapre and interrogates her to get Bison’s location, after using pain to influence her she finally gives in and give him the coordinates. With the intel that he was looking for, Charlie is about to kill her despite Laura’s protests, as he goes to finish her off, he gets hit in the back with one of Ryu’s fireballs.

Ken shows up and tells Charlie that he took out a lot of good men (from the previous episode), and Charlie responds that they were in his way and asks the two men if they too were in his way, he even grabs Laura by the throat as she tried to stop him as he was approaching Ken and Ryu, who convinces him to work together with them.

As the four of them stand there, Ken then mentions that they will need help and he knows just the people (I’m hoping this means we will see Chun-Li soon!) Decapre looks on as Charlie tells them that Bison’s base is in the Philippines. it then cuts to a view screen showing what Decapre would be seeing, and we see Bison who was an unexpected surprise who puts on his hat and goes and sits down in his chair, grabs a chess piece from the nearby board, he says that the trap is set and to let them come as he burns it with purple fire coming out of his hands.

This episode was probably my favorite so far, I felt that the fight scene was well done, the choreography once again shone through, showing Laura using Jiu-Jitsu really well. But two of my other favorite things this episode was hearing Ken mention getting help and that he knows just the people, which was a great hint towards the future, but the surprise ending of revealing Bison who I didn’t even know would be in this series was just the icing on the cake.

Street Fighter Resurrection stars Mike Moh as Ryu, Christian Howard as Ken Masters , Natascha Hopkins as Laura Matsuda, Alain Moussi as Charlie Nash, and Katrina Durden as Decapre. What did you think of the episode? Did you like Bison’s new look? Please let us know in the comments below! Make sure to come back next week as we review the finale of Street Fighter Resurrection!

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