Why Star Wars Battlefront Needs Rogue One DLC

Star Wars Battlefront is a fun game, the graphics are great, there’s one main complaint that I have and that’s the amount of content that it offers. It has a lot of missions but only on a handful of planets which makes it feel likes it’s not all that diverse. I was really expecting some Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens DLC, and yes I’m aware that they did the tie-in of free DLC of The Battle of Jakku for the movies, which was nice for free DLC, but I wanted to see more. And with the new trailer that dropped today for the upcoming film Rogue One, I wanted to share with you as to why Star Wars Battlefront needs Rogue One DLC.

I feel that it’s predecessor which was released in 2005 back on the original Xbox and PS2 offered more diverse content. First off it also allowed you to play in the prequel trilogy, which opens up more possibilities, but I understand the decision to just focus on the original trilogy. I just feel like they enough maps but not enough diverse planets.

I was really disappointed that they didn’t do any real Episode VII DLC. I’d much rather play as Kylo Ren or Rey instead of Greedo or Nien Nunb, not to mention that you have to pay for these characters. I’d rather pay for characters I would love to play as instead of characters that if they weren’t in the game at all, they wouldn’t be missed.

Another main reason that I think Rogue One would fit well is the fact that chronologically it takes place just before the original trilogy, and it would allow for new armors, weapons, and maps,  I know I’d pay for that as soon as it’s released. If they do a full expansion, it could be a game changer for the game just after they the end of year one of the game. And maybe if they add more missions around it, and the two heroes could be Jyn Erso (the main girl), and that guy that looks like he uses a staff of sorts.

If they do a Rogue One DLC it would be a great way to kick off the second season pass for year two. And in December of 2017 as the second year closes down maybe do a third season pass that begins with Episode VIII DLC to coincide with the release of the film. I think that would be a great marketing practice that would be guaranteed to get more sales just due to the hype of the films which are planned to be released once a year.

Star Wars Battlefront II, is my favorite Star Wars game of all time, and that because you can relive nearly any battle you can think of whether it’s in space, or on land from any of the films. The game was such a sandbox with all the toys you could want to play as, and while this game is fun and I do really enjoy it, it has a lot of room to grow.

So these are all the reasons that I believe that Star Wars Battlefront needs Rogue One DLC. Do you think that they should or shouldn’t? Do you want them to explore the prequel or sequel trilogies at all? Or just focus on making it about the original trilogy? As always, please let us know what you think in the comments below. And until next time, keep gaming.

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