If The Nintendo NX Is 4K, It’s A Must Buy Console


The Nintendo NX has to be big for Nintendo. Nintendo needs to recover from the poor sales generated by the Wii U, and in order to do that, they need to make a revolutionary console. More specifically, if the NX can support a really high resolution, it just might be able to compete with the sales of the PS4 and Xbox One. Best case scenario, the NX becomes a 4k console – where it has a resolution of 2160p.

The current system we have from Nintendo – the Wii U – supports a maximum resolution of 1080p. If the NX is a 4k console, then it will support four times the resolution of the Wii U. Think about that. I think 1080p already looks great, but if Nintendo can pull this off, then the NX is a must-buy in my book. Imagine the beautiful games Nintendo can create with such a high resolution. Imagine looking at the gorgeous scenery of a new Zelda or even Xenoblade game in 2160p.

Not only will this be good for us, but it’ll also be good for Nintendo. Currently, neither the Xbox One nor the PS4 support 2160p, and there’s a chance that they never will. If Nintendo plays their cards right, they’ll be the only 4K console on the market for a while. This will greatly increase Nintendo’s competitiveness in the market, and they’ll earn a lot of revenue from it.

So, do I think there’s a good chance that the NX will be a 4K console? Well… it’s really hard to say right now. Nintendo has a history of wanting to impress people with gameplay rather than graphics. However, perhaps Nintendo is beginning to think that this idea is a bit outdated. After all, Nintendo probably realizes that they need to step up their graphics capabilities in order to compete in the market. In addition, Nintendo might also step up its graphics because they now have a president that’s more aware of (and cares more about) the Western gaming market. I do believe that the Nintendo NX could potentially be a 4K console. Do you think Nintendo will go this far? When do you think we’ll hear about the resolution of the NX? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. There is no reason for it not to be 4K that’s something that is up to Nintendo.

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