Quantum Break Enjoys A Successful Launch Week In The UK As The #1 Game Across All Platforms

Quantum Break has received a lot of praise from critics, fans and rival execs and it’s no surprise that the hotly anticipated title has been enjoying a successful launch. Asides from the praise the game has been receiving, it seems like the game has also done well for itself in the sales department since Quantum Break dominated the week in the UK being the top selling game across all platforms according to data collected by GfK chart-track.

The confirmation comes from Aaron Greenberg who tweeted about the game’s success in the UK.

Since Remedy’s previous game Alan Wake didn’t perform as well as expected at launch, it’s nice to see that the fan base that Remedy culminated in the years since the launch of the now-classic Alan Wake has resulted in success for the launch of their newest IP Quantum Break. The game was on top of the Amazon UK charts and TV ads have been prevalent for Quantum Break in the UK so it’s good to see the hard work pay off. Incidentally, the game also topped the Xbox One digital charts on launch, beating out titles like Rocket League which have dominated the digital chart before the launch of Quantum Break.

It’s also likely that the stellar cast helped the game achieve success since well-known actors such as Shawn Ashmore, Aidan Gillen and Lance Reddick bring a pedigree to the game that is truly quite remarkable to see in the video game medium.

It’s still early days but we here wish Quantum Break continued success in the hopes of improving the odds of getting a sequel because let’s face it, that cliffhanger at the end definitely left us craving more.

You can read our review for Quantum Break here.

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  1. good job, good game

  2. Congrats Charlie

    • Why are you congratulating him?

      • don’t you sense the jubilation and excitement in this Xbox fanboy?

        • I do, but I’m certainly not going to congratulate him for it.

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