7 Changes We Need In FIFA 17

FIFA 17 has an expected release date of sometime during September, 2016 as EA tends to launch a more fresh game of the series during this month. An announcement of the release date is expected to be released during E3 2016 which begins on the 14th of June. The FIFA series has been released annually for around 20 years, with many spin offs to the World Cup, Champions League and Euro tournaments.

The FIFA series began in 1993, and even though there have been other games in the genre released before it, FIFA International Soccer (July 1993) was the first game to feature licensed teams from the governing world body of football/soccer. This gave EA the rights to genuine player names and sporting attire amongst incredible likenesses to their real-life counterparts which their competitors were unable to match. With FIFA 17 on it’s way, we decided to mention some changes we’d like to see from the previous game.

Better Commentary

The developers of the game put so much effort into framing the realistic prowess of the players, but in regards to the commentary team it feels like we never get much of an update. Since the removal of Andy Gray after FIFA 11, there have been no significant changes – I don’t mean scrap Alan Smith and Martin Tyler – but as the games come out, it seems like you keep hearing the same things over and over again. If the developers got out of their comfort zone with commentators and even brought in some fresher, more relevant names for the different leagues. This is definitely a hefty update that would be welcomed greatly.

Player Physics

The EA Ignite engine, that was implemented a few years ago has done brilliantly for the franchise, but nearly every owner of the games have seen some more than weird side effects and in some cases, even the slightest touch can trigger some insane player physics. The idea when the engine was created was to have players being involved in slight bumps and tackles to then have a generic animation to show them bouncing off each other interactively.

However sometimes this just doesn’t work – it goes without saying that this can be hilarious sometimes, but for a game as big as FIFA it can be quite irritating, especially if the glitches cause you to concede a goal in the 89th minute and you get relegated to the division below… thanks EA.

Real Managers

Each year we get an updated and improved player likeness, but what’s stopping the developers from stepping it up a notch and including the managers in the game? Start with their faces and maybe take it one step further in the future and add the likeness too – we always see managers taking their anger out if their team aren’t doing so well, so instead of standing on the sideline like a cardboard cutout they need to make themselves known, especially when they score during the cup final.

A visibly irritated former Chelsea manager, José Mourinho

The game would be much more enjoyable if we were seeing friendships and rivalries between the managers, and of course it’ll be a huge implementation but start with the more popular team’s managers and as the year progresses, add more. I would love to see more of Guardiola, Ancelotti and Klopp in the game.

Better CPU AI

In the somewhat archaic ‘kick-off’ feature of the games, you can either play with your friends, against them or against the CPU completely as well as in manager mode, and if you play long enough against the AI, you tend to notice a pattern forming relatively quickly. After around three quarters of the match length, the team will start to get more aggressive if they’re losing or defensive if they’re up. Which, don’t get me wrong, that’s fine and I tend to do that too, but it’s not very varied is it? No single team will play exactly like another, and the managers tend to mix things up during the game to ensure they win. FIFA’s AI is more than capable of being more tactical and mixing up play, so why not make them do that and bring the managers into it too – show them on the sideline shouting at their team and making gestures to push forward.

Licensed Women’s League

We’ve had the addition of women’s football in FIFA 16, however out of the ever growing list of women’s teams only twelve national women’s teams were added. They can very simply add men to the team, so what’s stopping them doing the same with women?

Personally, I’d love to see EA spending some more of the money they frequently extort out of their users to obtain some official licenses for women’s leagues. This would open up incredible opportunities for the game, as such, you could start a women’s Career Mode and lead your club to victory. Not only this, it would also potentially bring many more female players to the game, making competitions against friends even better.

Updated Player & Manager Celebrations

This is another change that is purely cosmetic however the celebrations we currently have in our possession aren’t a true, real life depiction – even if some of them are fun and jovial. The majority of the celebrations are quite boring if I say so myself, including a bunch of players interacting and not a lot more. I want to see more realistic celebrations, more players piling on top of each other, pats on the back, hair ruffles and more player-crowd interaction. Especially a goal in the last few minutes of an essential game, let them go wild! Run up and down, take your shirt off, go crazy! You’ve just won the cup! There’s plenty more that EA can do to improve their celebrations, so make it happen!

Improve the crowd animations

This goes without saying, but the crowd is lifeless and no matter how many games are released, it hardly ever changes. If, during your game winning run, your eye drifts into the stands all you’ll see is a pretty low-resolution mess and it kind of makes the game lose some of it’s appeal, even if the crowd isn’t the most important part of the game.

I’m pretty sure that the developers could put a bit more effort into the crowd, especially considering the fact that the Xbox One and PS4 have incredibly capabilities with their improved hardware from recent generations. Perhaps include some more crowd animations too, just so they’re not all moving like a huge mexican wave gone wrong. If the crowd were to be improved, the aforementioned player-crowd interaction could be implemented for celebrations too which would be welcomed with open arms.

What do you think FIFA developers could improve on in their future release? Have they lost their touch, and are they basically just touching up the graphics and implementing smaller features, just to make it seem like a lot has changed? Let us know in the comments down below, we’d love to hear from you!


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