Far Cry Primal Version 1.03 Patch Is Live, Survival Mode Added

Far Cry Primal’s latest patch is live, and it adds the new Survivor Mode to the game. There’s quite a lot of changes, so check out these patch notes to see what has been added and changed to Far Cry Primal.

Survivor Mode

  • Available in New Gameplay Options when starting a New Game
  • New – Stamina Bar added
  • Stamina depletes slowly during gameplay
  • Stamina depletes faster when walking/running/being in combat
  • Fast travel consumes stamina
  • Stamina can be regenerated by sleeping and eating food recipes
  • Manual heal and fast travel costs stamina
  • Low stamina slows down movement and health regen. At 0 stamina, manual heal and fast travel are disabled.
  • Tamed Beasts
  • New Permadeath for Tamed Beasts
  • If a Beast dies, the player must find and tame a new one
  • This also applies to Legendary Beasts, they can never be found again if they die
  • Skinning a Beast after they die gives you a skin
  • New – Beast riding fatigue introduced – After some time of continuous riding, mounted Beast will start taking damage
  • In order to activate the taming option for Sabretooth Tigers, Brown Bears and Cave Bears, you must first inflict them serious damage
  • Non-legendary tamed Beasts health has been reduced
  • Owl attacks and bomb drops have been disabled
  • World/Resources
  • Less natural resources are available in the world and less are looted when gathering
  • Less daily resources added to the Reward Stash from Wenja population level
  • Resources in the Reward Stash can only be withdrawn at the Village Stash
  • Requirements for rare animal skins have been reduced when upgrading huts
  • Night lasts longer and is darker
  • Campfire Fast Travel points are no longer unlocked by default when claiming a bonfire
  • Skills
  • XP Curve has been adjusted to be more progressive
  • Certain “over-powered” skills have been removed
  • Effects of other skills have been re-balanced
  • Skill points cost has been rebalanced
  • Gameplay
  • Bow tension added requiring players to pull back the arrow all the way to get maximum impact
  • Weapon durability has been tweaked to be more realistic when thrown weapons hit hard or soft surfaces
  • Weapons are consumed more quickly by fire
  • Less slow-motion effect from the Weapon Wheel, Food Grid and Beast Grid
  • Crafting ammo in the Weapon Wheel now requires a hold to craft
  • Most bag capacity has been reduced
  • Player’s health regen speed has been reduced
  • Some healing recipes now require red leaves in addition to green leaves
  • Cold depletion rate has been increased
  • Fully upgraded Winter Clothes no longer offer total protection from the cold
  • Weapons on fire will extinguish when swapping between weapons (Expert difficulty only)
  • Fast Travel now costs Stamina and Meat, proportionally to distance
  • Mini-map has been removed
  • Shaders on tagged enemies have been removed
  • Several UI options have been set to off by default to increase immersion, (but can be re-enabled)
  • Hunter Vision duration has been set to 20s be default (duration can now be modified in the settings)
  • Fog of war reveal radius has been reduced
  • Can only Save & Quit when not in Combat
  • Game difficulty cannot be changed once started in Survivor Mode with Permadeath
  • AI/Wildlife
  • Enemies are more reactive and aggressive in combat
  • Wildlife detects you more easily
  • Blood trails from wounded animals are harder to track
  • Reduced overall animal density during the day, and increased density of predators at night
  • Reduced human density and frequency of Wenja events
  • Wenja fighters are less resilient
  • Predators no longer show up in Hunter Vision unless they are aggressive toward the player, dead or a Tamed
  • Beast
  • Reduced health for Legendary Beasts, Batari and Ull


  • Available in New Gameplay Options when starting a New Game with Survivor Mode turned On
  • Three Options Available – Off, On, Second Chance
  • Off – You respawn when you die
  • On – The game is over when you die
  • Second Chance – You only respawn if you completed enough of the game since your last death, (every 3% as depicted in the player’s overall progress)
  • Failing during Tensay’s Vision missions does not count as dying. (You’re dreaming after all)

Stability and Performance

  • Fixed an issue where player could lose their inventory when swapping weapons in specific conditions
  • Fixed some specific, low occurrence crashes


  • New Option in Gameplay Menu – Hunter Vision Duration – Can toggle the duration of Hunter Vision (Default/20s/30s/Infinite)
  • New Option in the Interface Menu – Hide the bow reticle unless you are aiming or holding the bow ready
  • Fixed melee damage resistance skill also affecting ranged damage
  • Increased critical health in hard/expert difficulty modes

Lighting and FX

  • Fixed a lighting issue on bodies of water that would cause color to briefly change when exiting caves
  • Minor fixes to clipping issues

Wildlife and AI

  • Various bug fixes


  • Fixed a grapple location north of Tushwarha Outpost that would cause the player to fall to his death when trying to climb down
  • Fixed an issue where players could exit the map in the mission – Vision of Ice
  • Fixed an issue where players could exit the map in Shayu’s Cave
  • Fixed a couple issues where players could get stuck in the Dangu Cave
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in an infinite death loop after completing the mission – Into Udam Land
  • Fixed some resources that would cause the player to become stuck in the map when gathering them
  • Fixed an issue where Bite Fish weren’t spawning in certain locations on the map
  • Fixed an issue where player could get stuck in the falling obelisk outside of the Batari’s Temple in the Izila Homeland


  • Fixed an issue that would cause one of the life bars to flicker in specific conditions
  • Fixed an issue where a “Location Discovered” prompt would remain on screen during cut-scenes in specific situations
  • Fixed an issue where some icons remained on screen when using the “Turn All Off” option in the Interface menu

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