FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Wishlist

With FIFA 17 on it’s way, the crowning jewel for most players is the Ultimate Team feature. The incredibly card collecting game remains one of FIFA’s top features, not to mention it’s the reason why fans consistently return each year – some people relate it to other commitment dependant games like Hearthstone and Destiny because failing to put in regular hours usually means you won’t get very far at all.

Luckily, since the older versions of the game, EA noticed what could be done to improve the appeal of Ultimate Team and broaden it’s ever growing horizon. The solution? FUT Draft Mode: by choosing a difficulty level, then a formation you get to choose a captain from a small selection of world-class players to base your team around. You tackle the problem of finding an appropriate synergy between your players and manager, whilst moving them around the gameboard before competing in up to four matches with big prizes such as coins, packs and loan players – but this is one of the only updates from the last game, so the question remains: what else do we want from FIFA 17’s Ultimate Team?

Better Rewards

It goes without saying that no matter how hard you play, and how much effort you put into making your team the best it could be, the rewards are pretty naff. I’d like to see Ultimate Team offering up some more challenges with rewards that are suitably worth the time that we put in, amongst milestone rewards for players reaching set targets such as goals, clean sheets and successful tackles to name a few.

FIFA Ultimate Team™ in FIFA 16

This has been mentioned throughout the years on various different forums, however this is an area that EA need to make improvements on – basing this suggestion on the fact that they could figure out a meaningful balance between tasks/challenges and rewards as the current system is a bit rough around the edges.

Player Positioning

There are many players of the series that are largely in favour for the removal of the existing position change items, as well as choosing for players to have a predetermined position list that they could use without their chemistry being penalised. Regardless of whether these positions are freely available to the players, or if there was a position change consumable item that you could buy with your coins or obtain through packs, it didn’t seem to make much of a difference and in turn, doesn’t matter very much at all. People’s main concern was that the system was a lot more accommodating to the more versatile players. If the system couldn’t be implemented it would be more appropriate to lock the players to their appropriate positions, for example, a centre midfielder could only play as CM, LF, RW or CDM.

Meaningful Statistics

Each player has their own characteristics and statistics which, throughout the years of playing sports can either improve or decrease due to age or injury. Amongst this, each player will have strengths and weaknesses, which in FUT, should be magnified. This adds a lot of variety to the sportsmen that will be used and adds another brilliant element of depth to the game.

Liverpool FC’s captain, Jordan Henderson

The player should be able to think more about their play style when selecting the team and when you’re choosing your footballers for the match, you shouldn’t just choose the team with the highest pace because many players undoubtedly use this tactic.

Reworked Chemistry

The current chemistry system isn’t anywhere near perfect, and there is definitely room for improvement. Currently, having a player playing out of position or having a team with no chemistry has practically no penalty on the overall game. There have been scenarios online where players can win the recently implemented drafts with players like Gareth Bale playing as a centre back and Lionel Messi playing as a centre-defensive midfielder – it makes no sense.

Poor chemistry within FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

The chemistry system in Pro Evolution Soccer is somewhat better, as the players take huge penalties for playing out of their regular position, or in a position where their play style is irregular and doesn’t fit. In real life, we very rarely see players transfer to a new team and very easily fit into the new play style. This should be the same in FUT so that the effectiveness of the player should depend on how well they fit in the team, league or country.

What do you think a major improvement in FIFA Ultimate Team could be for the newest release? Would you like to see a wider variety of players and do you agree? Perhaps you’d like to see the inclusion of women in FUT? Let us know in the comments down below!

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