Gears Of War 4 Beta Gameplay Leaked, Over 10 Minutes Of Multiplayer Action

A video of Gears Of War 4’s multiplayer beta has gone up on Youtube days before the beta goes live to players on the Xbox One. In this video you can see multiple executions and classic Gears Of War gameplay. The video is over 10 minutes in length and looks promising for what the full game has to offer.

Here is the video.


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  1. Gears 3.. the shotgun spamming PvP mode that seems to have sucha ridiculously judgemental cult following that its fucking scary man! -_-

  2. Wow….. it looks like every other Gears of War game. Same mechanics and better textures, Ultimate multiplayer looks just as good. I sure hope the campaign mixes it up. And I’m all for Gears, one of my favorite games, but it looks like same old Gears.

  3. Wowoww the screenshots that came out the other day………wtf this looks nothing like it this looks like a 360 game seriouslly wtf lmfao……wow what a dissapointment will people finally speak up about microsoft and xbox ? i doubt it…

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