Destiny Guide: How The New Infusion System Works

Yesterday was a big day for Destiny fans, as the heavily anticipated April Update was released, and with it came many new changes. Today, we’re talking about the new Infusion system.

Now when Infusion first came out it took the average between two pieces of gear and you sacrificed one to power up the other, and it took several pieces to get something to the level you desired. Now, it takes the number of the higher piece of gear and makes the lesser gear the same number, making this process much faster for the gear you want to hit the right levels of light.

Now here’s how you Infuse an item:

First, make sure the item that you want to power up can be infused, if you use the picture I used, you can see the item screen where you can see the upgrades, on the left-hand side it needs to have a bubble for infusion. It will also list the costs of doing so.

Once you’ve met the requirements, it will take any compatible pieces of gear that are in the same category (for example, you can’t use a shotgun to level up a rocket launcher, but you can use a rocket launcher to level up a sword as it’s in the heavy weapon class. Same goes for armor types) and it will ask you to confirm if you want to dismantle gear A to power up gear B.

And that’s all there really is to it. Keep an eye out as I’ll be posting a lot of guides on how everything has changed and how to keep your journey to becoming legend right on track.

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