FCC Filings May Hint at Xbox One Revision and a New Xbox

NeoGAF user Ekim recently uncovered some interesting information from recent Microsoft FCC filings. While tracking info that Microsoft is testing a wireless chip for FCC approval, they found that there were two recent filings that were using new model numbers.

The first model seems to use the same user manual as the current Xbox One, hinting that it is some variation of what is currently hooked up to our TVs. The second model has a lot of NDA’d information and more exhibits, which indicate that this is a newer product altogether.

neogaf info

Info from Ekim’s neoGAF post

There really isn’t much to go on at this time, so let’s jump into rampant speculation instead for the time being.

The first filing sounds like the possibility of some sort of Xbox One Slim variant. Since it has a lot of matching info and we know that Microsoft has openly talked about changing the Xbox One model up, this seems to be a ringer for that. Personally, I’d love a much smaller system, as my Day 1 Xbox One is huge and is currently sitting on my FIOS box.

This second model is much more of a different story though. It appears that with the discussions of Xbox One having an upgrade on the horizon, could this be the rumored Xbox Next? We know that Microsoft wants Windows 10 to become an integral part of their hardware experience, so maybe we are finally getting a 4K upgrade to the existing hardware so that the Xbox One can become more than a super huge console. It’s hard to tell with so little info.

If they do go with an official half-gen upgrade, I really hope all the backwards compatibility and current get awesomeness still transfers over. It looks like they have some explaining to do at E3…

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