WWE 2K17 NXT Roster Predictions

It’s almost that time of the year were news on the latest WWE 2K game starts to materialize, so we feel it’s the perfect time to start our predictions and wishlist articles before the official reveals. One of the most anticipated reveals recently has been the NXT roster inclusion since WWE 2K15. In this article we’re going to go through the possible roster with a percentage of chance they will be in the main roster.

Aiden English (100%) – Was in last years game.

Apollo Crews (100%) – Debuted in mid 2015, and is already on the main roster. Apollo will make the cut for sure.

Austin Aries (75%) – Austin Aries debuted last month, so it’s not unusual for someone who debuted in March to be on the final roster, but with it being NXT it could be seen as not a big priority compared to the main roster. If he doesn’t make the final cut, I will say 100% at DLC.

Baron Corbin (100%) – Was in last years game.

Blake (100%) – Was DLC in last years game.

Chad Gable (100%) – Chad along with Jason Jordan have been a major part of NXT since the end of 2015, and will make the cut for sure which will be his first appearance in a WWE 2K game.

Colin Cassady (100%) – Was in WWE 2K16.

Dash Wilder (100%) – Along with Scott Dawson, they had a tag title run that lasted over 4 months, and have been on NXT shows more frequently since mid 2015.

Enzo Amore (100%) – Was in the previous game.

Elias Samson (20%) – Elias hasn’t been a major focus on NXT, and isn’t featured enough to were he will be a priority inclusion.

Finn Balor (100%) – Was in WWE 2K16

Hideo Itami (100%) – Although he has been injured for the last year, he is still apart of the roster and was also in WWE 2K16.

Jason Jordan (100%) – Same as Chad Gable.

Johnny Gagano (5%) – Similar to what is said about┬áTommaso Ciampa, I’d be shocked if he makes the cut.

Mojo Rawley (90%) – Although being apart of the NXT roster since 2013, Mojo has never been in a WWE game, but wasn’t a big part of the show. He’s had a better role since 2015 with Zack Ryder as the Hype Bros so it could mean we will see him in WWE 2K17, but I’m not calling it a certain pick.

Murphy (100%) – Was DLC in 2K16

Sami Zayn (100%) – Has been in the last few 2K games on the NXT roster.

Samoa Joe (100%) – Was DLC In 2K16

Scott Dawson (100%) – See Dash Wilder

Shinsuke Nakamura (50%) – Now this is the selection were it gets interesting. Nakamura will be one of the most wanted additions to WWE 2K17, but he only just debuted in early April meaning the cutoff date may have been pushed. I do think there’s a high chance of him being DLC, but there’s still hope he makes the final cut.

Simon Gotch (100%) – Was in 2K16

Tommaso Ciampa (5%) – I’m not giving him much of a chance of being included. Although he’s been on TV since mid 2015, he only just signed a contract with NXT a few days ago.

Tye Dillinger (55%) – Tye isn’t a major part of the roster, but he’s been there long enough and constant enough to the point were he could be considered possible for the game.

Here are the female NXT roster predictions

Alexa Bliss (90%) – Now with female NXT wrestlers, I can’t guarantee their inclusion as high as the male wrestlers due to what happened last year with WWE 2K16 were there wasn’t a single NXT female wrestler on the roster, but I do think it will change after the outrage last year.

Asuka (100%) – The current NXT Women’s champion who debuted in time to make the cut.

Bayley (110%?) – I think there could be riots if she wasn’t included this year…

Carmella (80%) – I’m not too sure she will be playable, but there’s a high chance due to the character model needing to be created to be included with Enzo and Cass entrance.

Dana Brooke (85%) – She has had some roles on NXT since late 2015, and is on the show enough to make the cut I feel, but something says there’s a small chance she won’t make it too.

Emma (100%) – Been in past games

Eva Marie (100%) – Was in WWE 2K16

Nia Jax (85%) – She is featured on NXT enough and competed for the championship so there’s a high chance she will make the final cut.

So those are my predictions for the roster, anything over 80%+ is my final NXT roster picks for WWE 2K17. Let us know in the comments section below if you agree with the picks and the percentages given.

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