How To Beat The Division’s First Incursion Falcon Lost Guide

The ‘Challenging’ missions in the base game were designed to be the start of end game content in The Division but they quickly became a breeze for skillful, well-geared players in The Division and some of these were even completed in 10 minutes or less. The team at Ubisoft Massive realised that perhaps these ‘Challenging’ missions weren’t as challenging as they had believed. Well, if it was a challenge you were l0oking for then no longer than a month after the launch of the game Ubisoft Massive have now introduced Incursions and here’s where the real challenge is.

What is an Incursion?

Falcon Lost is a new incursion available in the Stuyvesant area. You must be level 30 and have completed the mission “General Assembly” to access this mission. The encounter is balanced for 4 players with high level gear and is basically the Division’s version of ‘raids’ from Destiny or ‘Strikes’ but limited to 4 players. The whole mission is non–respawn, so if you die and your team doesn’t revive you before your timer runs out, you’re done for. If the whole team dies then you have to start the entire thing again from the beginning.

Are there any rewards for completing these Incursions?

These missions are now the hardest you will find in The Division and thus will reward you with the best items in the game. Moreover, they are the main source of Gear Set pieces. Gear Set pieces are the new high-level gear in The Division, similar to how The Witcher 3 had special ‘Witcher’ armour sets. Gear Sets offer you the best attributes and passive skills if you manage to collect the whole set. For now, the Gear Sets available to collect are Striker’s Battlegear, Tactician’s Authority, Sentry’s Call, and Path of the Nomad and we’ll have a guide up soon on the best ways to get these and which one is right for you. Next, there is no weekly lockout. You can complete them as many times as you see fit. If you are farming then you will get consistently good rewards. This type of content has extra weekly reward on Challenge Mode and will provide a weekly bonus reward. However these rewards are per character so if you have multiple characters then each character can earn the reward.

So how do I beat it?

On your first go this will be no walk in the park.  Lead Designer Mathias Karlson said he still hasn’t been able to best the thing on the hardest setting

“I have not beaten it on Challenge mode,” Karlson said. ”It needs to have been beaten once by one team [at the studio] for it to be published, just so we know it can be done.”

Incursions provide a new and serious challenge but there are things you can do to make it easier and seem less daunting. Here’s how you should tackle the Incursion and beat it.

Team Structure – This can’t be emphasised enough that you will want a variety of builds in your team. Due to the nature of the combat in the Incursion, you’ll be best getting a Marksman, a Support/Healer, and probably 2 high DPS players in your squad.

Healing Skills – Healing skills are going to be vital here since you will be in a no respawn state for the entirety of the Incursion so healing up is going to be imperative to your survival. Whether it’s the Support Station skill or the First Aid skill, it’s recommended that 3-4 players in your squad carry a healing skill because it’ll be your bread and butter in the Incursion. Further, using the Support Station with a variety of mods, so having one person with Immuniser and another with the other mods is also recommended.

Crowd Control (CC): There’s going to be a lot of enemies all swarming on one area and they’re tough so CC is going to be crucial to staying alive. Not much has changed here from previous CC builds because the flame/shock turret or the flashbang sticky bomb are the best bet for maximising your teams CC output.

High-end Gear – The recommended gear score for Falcon Lost is 160, with 140 being the absolute minimum. This means you’ll want a team where all 4 players have a gear score that is higher than 160 at minimum. I had a gear score of 181 in my first run through and my teammates were of a similar score and even then it doesn’t make it ‘easy’ so make sure to get as high a gear score as possible and equip your best gear before running the Incursion.

Guide – There is 15 waves you need to beat. During waves 4, 8, 11 and 15, an Elite NPC will spawn carrying 1 Bomb and this NPC will have a diamond shape cursor above his head.  Make sure you organize and know who has picked up the bomb. Your goal is to take out the Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC). The only way to damage it is to plant bombs on the back of it so the bomb carrier has a very important role. Clear the waves as they come and when the bomb NPC appears kill all the enemies of the wave but ensure that you leave one NPC alive. After, 2 players run up the left hand side and then 2 players run up the right hand side. Switch off the turrets defending the APC at the same time and the player carrying the bomb then needs to run out and plant it on the APC. Once done,  all 4 players run back to the start of the area and again. Be warned though as after the bombs go off the APC will start pumping out mortar fire and you’ll want to avoid this. Kill the waves until the NPC with the bomb spawns again and rince and repeat until you’ve planted all 4 bombs. After that, the APC will blow up. Congrats! If you’ve followed all the steps up to this point then you’ve completed the Incursion and you should have some shiny new loot awaiting.

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