The Division’s First Update: Worth a Play for Agents?

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On April 12th, The Division’s first free update (1.1) with additional content was launched.  Agents everywhere rejoiced with the new content, upgrades to the game and additional improvements.  There were some issues that plagued some players in game, as well as server problems.  But overall – is this a good thing, and something that will keep Agents playing?

The major content that was released in this update was something that players have been wanting since the game released, a new Incursion mode.  Falcon Lost is a new mode for the game that puts 4 high level players in an encounter that will test both play style as well as the need for specific classes in order to complete the challenge.  Coming from personal experience the level is quite difficult and requires coordination amongst team players.  In addition to this new “raid” Ubisoft has also introduced numerous other elements.  Gear sets are now available and can be obtained by completing challenging missions, or earning Phoenix Credits and buying them at the vendor.  What is special about the gear sets is that they are tailored to the play style you wish: Support/Assault/Marksman/Lone Wolf.  Each piece of gear as individual perks, but by combining 2 or 4 of the same like gear you get added bonuses.  This will really help with gathering the proper team and coordinating everything needed for specific scenarios.  Assignments have been added as well to the Mission Overview screen on everyone’s map.  Listed here are Daily and Weekly missions and assignments, as well as consolidating that the Daily Hard and Challenge missions are.  Each individual assignment is good for 24 hours, but there is also a weekly assignment that you can complete.  Each are tailored to the individual player, but some require a group, and each carry with them rewards like XP, in game money, Phoenix Credits – even division tech.  These assignments have different categories and can happen in different areas, like the Dark Zone.  They can also be Crafting related.  All of these add a nice element to the game, diversifying activities and giving Agents new ways and incentives on completing familiar tasks.

In changes to Gear, a new Gear Score has been assigned making it easier to gauge how someone (or yourself) will be in a fight.  It also is a requirement for some challenges and helps you to understand a goal to reach before participating.  Trading is now available for team members for a short period of time after looting them off dropped enemies.  For 2 hours after looting an item you can simply drop from your inventory and team members can pick them up.  You of course cannot trade items once you equip or modify them, and it is only from enemy drops and not vendors.  This will benefit friends and squad players, especially those team members that always seem to get a sniper rifle drop, while another only gets assault rifles – you can now help each other out!  There has been an increase in drop quality for named NPCs both in regular zones and Dark Zone with a guaranteed high level drop, and some new high end named weapons.

The Division Dark Zone

Dark Zone has seen some changes as well.  In addition to better drops from bosses, they also have increased the loot value in chests.  There are also now Supply Drops that are timed events in the Dark Zone that contain loot that is not contaminated, and there for are available for instant use – no need to extract.  Supply Drop locations become quite the battlefield as both NPCs in the zone and regular players will be drawn to the areas.  This will be a welcomed site for casual players, who are looking to level themselves up in the PVP area.

Other additions include Spectator mode; where if you die can switch between other members of your team, increase in Crafting material conversions, and changes of vendors who were using Phoenix Credits to regular credits.  Phoenix Credits will now have a chance to drop from high level enemies.  They have also added a Dark Zone bracket level based off 160+ gear score.  There was also a list of bug fixes that were corrected

Unfortunately with the additions and fixes came more problems. Servers for the game went down for a brief period after launch, with various blackouts through the day.  The biggest issue was for Xbox One players, who would get an error disconnection and find their characters had disappeared from the loading screen – and the issue is still being worked on.  The new loot drop system isn’t working as promised, and the gear level is less than expected.  I personally found issues trying to match make for the Falcon Lost mission, where people would get disconnected, couldn’t pass a certain barrier, and enemies just freezing in place and not moving.

The Division Players

Overall, this first update has been a nice refreshing addition to an already wonderful game.  The update of features as well as the addition of loot drops and assignments gives the game new life and fervor to play again.  They do have some serious issues to fix, and hopefully will pave the way for the future releases and DLCs to be bug free.  How are you enjoying your time in the Big Apple?  Have you experienced good or bad with this free update?  Post your comments below.  And as always follow ThisGenGaming on Twitter @TGGamingReviews for all the news, reviews and commentaries in the gaming industry

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