The Division Servers Down – 04/15/16, Reason Why For The Downtime, How Long Will The Servers Be Down

Users are reporting that The Division servers will be down within the next hour, and that there is a countdown clock on the screen with less than 50 minutes until the shutdown of the servers. There’s been no mention of why the servers will be going down, but we assume it’s another fix for the issues that the new update has brought.

No word on when the servers will be back up, all we know as of now is that the will be down very soon so get your last playthroughs on The Division before the servers go down.

Here is a tweet with the “Server Shutting Down In” message on screen.


Update: The apparent reason for the server downtime today is due to the The APC exploit and missing characters on The Division. Let us know what you think of these fixes in the comments below, have these issues happened to you in the game?

Update 2: Ubisoft have now finally revealed what will be officially fixed during the server downtime

Falcon Lost

  • Fixed an exploit where players could attack the APC without triggering new waves of NPC
  • Fixed a bug where the Weekly Reward for Falcon Lost was not granted correctly

Missing characters

  • Fixed a bug on Xbox One where players could no longer see their characters. Please note that in order to fix this issue, we restored the account data of the affected players to that of April 12, 12pm CEST | 6am EDT | 3am PDT

Downtime sucks, so in the meantime check out our “review” of the new update as well as a great guide on how to beat the The Division’s first Incursion “Falcon Lost” I may be bias, but they are both great reads for fans of The Division. Make sure to check them out!

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  1. Soo I’m in EDT, no playing until 6am Saturday??? That’s Jonzin

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