WWE 2K17 Career Mode Improvements We Want

Since WWE 2K15, the main single player campaign for WWE games has been career mode. In their first two attempts I don’t think 2K has managed to capture the true feeling of what we see on WWE TV. There was some improvements made from 2K15 to 2K16 but there’s still many ways the mode can improve, and here’s what we think can improve.

More Storylines/Cutscenes

One of my main issues with career mode since it was introduced 2 year ago is the lack of storylines and cutscenes. You can play through hours of this mode, and not get a single storyline or cutscene which doesn’t make sense for a wrestling game. WWE TV is full of storylines that interest the viewers in the PPV matches. In WWE 2K16, there’s too many matches without consequences or reason. It gets boring quick when you play through 20 matches, and nothing happens at all. When we play WWE games we want a reason to keep progressing through the mode by including interesting branching storylines that were in WWE games all the way back in the PS2 era.

There needs to be more filler inbetween matches, because I’m not a fan of the current career mode system were you have to just constantly play matches until you earn a title shot. It gets boring quick, and I never managed to complete the career mode in WWE 2K16 because it just became too repetitive after a few hours. If a interesting career has been possible since the days of the N64/PS1, then it should be possible in 2016.

Better Heel/Face Turn System

The heel/face system in WWE 2K16’s career mode sucks. Lets just get that out there right away, it’s awful and makes no sense. You can only turn heel/face during backstage interviews were the answers to the question given are so vague, you can accidentally turn heel and turn back to face in the same interview. It’s a terrible system that needs to leave and never come back ever again.

I do think the heel/face idea should certainly stay in the series because we all want the option to choose between being the good guy and the bad guy, and the different storylines that happen when a bad or good guy. I feel the system should be locked to the start of each month, so storylines can make sense. Being able to turn heel/face at anytime will just make things confusing. There should also be interesting ways of turning face/heels rather than a backstage interviews, you should be able to turn face by running out to defend another face being attacked by heels or turn heel by joining them, that’s one example of the many different scenarios that could play out.

Improved Promos

In WWE 2K16’s career mode you can only cut a promo backstage after a match with limited options to choose from. The voices over sounded terrible too, and came off as lame and cheap. To be honest, the promo system was awful to say the potential it had. In WWE 2K17 it should be possible to cut promos before matches, after matches, and not limited to backstage interviews. You should be able to do in ring promos or on stage promos too.

It adds a better presentation of WWE’s TV show for career mode in the games. On WWE TV, you see promo’s all the time, in the ring, out of the ring, etc. WWE 2K16’s version came across as lazy for the reasons mentioned above. I did like that 2K tried voice overs but it doesn’t seem like it will work, and if needed, I think they should stick with text only so it allows more creative freedom with promos.

That’s all the improvements for this part of the article, I feel there will be more to talk about another time so for now lets call this “Part 1” with a “Part 2” coming soon.

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  1. all that plus the lack of a win-loss standing and championship reign standing for us to view not just our caw’s but the whole roster’s. also lacking the ability to create stables and manager/love interest with the divas to battle for or against in storylines(smackdown hctp did this well). also adding your female caws to my career to partner with your male caw’s

  2. As a revamp to the career mode I recall a sports game where you had an apartment where you could customize the look of it with furniture and awards and what not. For the career mode since as it should be you start of in NXT and they could give you just a small locker and as you progress you get a bigger and bigger area with more to customize. To go with that they could even mix in a little of a RPG element to where when you are not wresting you can walk around backstage and talk to anyone not wrestling. This could even lead to stuff like friendships, alliances, rivalry’s, backstage brawls, ect. Which can all be used to improve or decrease stats. I’m sure if looked into this further a lot more can be done with it as the potential is limitless and it would give a way to almost create your own story.

    • I think SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role was like similar to what you’re saying. I may be wrong, but some of that I think you could do.

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