5 AAA Titles that Should Headline the May 2016 PlayStation Plus Lineup

We are a couple of weeks away from finding out the PlayStation Plus lineup for May 2016. Since we are getting close I thought we should share some thoughts on some AAA titles that should be included in that lineup next month. While some disagree Zombi was a retail/AAA title last month even if it wasn’t a good one to some people. With that said let’s get to those predictions.

1. Killzone Shadow Fall


Once again I’m going to list Killzone Shadow Fall as one of the titles that should be in the PlayStation Plus lineup next month. It’s about time Sony started throwing some of their launch titles into the lineup and Killzone is the better one to include over Knack. Sony seems to like including multiplayer games in the plus lineup every month so Killzone would be a great fit for that. A lot of people have still not played this game and it would help bring a bigger community back to this launch shooter. Plus It’s still one of the better looking games on the PS4.

2. God of War 3 Remasterd


God of War 3 Remastered would be another great pick for the lineup in May. It’s been cheap for months now and a lot of PS4 owners have still never played a game from this franchise as they were former Xbox owners. With rumors of an E3 reveal for the next entry in this franchise what better way to get people interested than by giving them what is arguably the best God of War entry yet. I loved God of War 3 and I think a lot of others who haven’t played it will too if given the opportunity to play it for free.

3. Dishonored Definitive Edition


Yes another remaster of a last gen game but another great one at that. Dishonored was free on PS3 a couple years ago but some people would have still missed out on it and it’s a fantastic game either way. Dishonored 2 could still come out this year and we should be hearing more about it soon so it would be cool to get the PS4 version leading up to that. It didn’t get a lot of improvements on the PS4 but it does include all of the DLC. It is yet another game that has been available for a cheap price several times now so it could be a possible pick.

4. The Evil Within


Another game I’d like to see in the PlayStation Plus lineup is The Evil Within from Bethesda and Tango. This was one of the best horror games in recent years and has dropped in price a lot since it came out in fall 2014. It is also another game that could possibly have a sequel announced at E3 this year so it would be awesome for people who missed this game to get to play it. The Evil Within is in many ways what people want Resident Evil to get back to doing. The game also has some pretty good DLC packs so giving it away for free could lead to some increased sales on that DLC.

5. Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag


Another PS4 launch title that I would like to see in the lineup is Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag. Yes a lot of people are tired of Assassin’s Creed but Black Flag was one of the best in the franchise probably because it wasn’t as much an Assassin’s Creed game as it was a pirate game. This game was free on Xbox One over a year ago so I see no reason why Sony couldn’t get it to go on PS Plus. It’s yet another game that is always going on sale for around $10 so it shouldn’t hurt them too much to give it away for free for a month.

Those are the 5 AAA games I’d like to see in the May 2016 PlayStation Plus lineup. We’ll see in a couple weeks whether any of them make it in but until then tell us in the comments what you would like to see. Do you agree with any of the above games? Would you prefer something else? Let’s discuss.

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  1. I’m afraid given Sonys history I must unfortunately say keep dreaming

    • PS+ for the PS3 was so awesome that there was no comparison Sony even though have given some good PS+ games but still no way near what they did with the PS3.

      • The PS3 is still getting triple A titles it’s just that the PS4 hasn’t been out long enough and the PS3 was out almost 4 years before PS+ came along. Besides SONY has 3 platforms to support and PS+ is cheaper then Gold.

  2. Bloodborne should be in the list.

    • Hell no! I paid full price for the retail game. Maybe you will get it free on PS+ when PS6 is released lol.

      • And should be remastered to PS6 (after PS5) or only free on PS+ for PS4 when PS6 is released?

      • You said?

  3. Dream on it will be indie games and ror some reason most indies suck,not all but most.Im going to end my psplus subscription i dont game online im a single player guy.The only reason i botherd was for the free games and to be honest they suck.I will stick with gold as the xbox is worth paying the subsription.Cant wait to see what they give us this time.This months was amazing.I love both consoles but the one has more to offer.EA access bieng one of them.I bet you all 1000 pounds we get another load of crap in may

  4. They have to be running out of twin stick shooters pretty soon, right?

    • They have enough 8-bit pixel 2D scrolling arcade games for eons.

  5. What i think , okay
    Average indie
    Shitty indie
    7 years old AAA title
    Old average indie
    Ps vita
    I don’t give a fuck , but it’s a good game
    People keep dreaming of having good game by this service and guess what it’s not going to happen because one simple reason, the service is now mandatory to play online . That all .

    • Everything correct except PS Vita; should say:
      Average indie
      Shitty indie.

  6. Lol please welcome a new pixel twin stick shooter and a pixel 2d arcade!

  7. the evil within was one of the best horror games in recent years?
    well, thank fuck i’m not a horror fan or i’d be sizing myself up for a noose at that statement.
    that game was the worst thing i’ve ever played. in what universe could it be remotely considered “good”? people play it for the same reason they watch the room… it’s so bad it loops right back around to being funny.

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