Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Predictions For May 2016

Backwards compatibility on the Xbox One is proving to be hugely popular amongst fans of the system and Microsoft have been dedicated in providing fans with as many new backwards compatible games as possible. For instance, the inclusion of 2 Xbox 360 backwards compatible games for the Xbox One via Games with Gold guarantees two free Xbox 360 games a month, even before the monthly additions. Just last month, we have seen games like Alan Wake and Halo Wars becoming backwards compatible on the Xbox One. As we draw closer to May, here are some games we hope to see become backwards compatible in the month of May.

Red Dead Redemption

We couldn’t make a prediction list without featuring one of the most intensely requested games that is Red Dead Redemption. In early February, fans were delighted when Red Dead Redemption was seemingly playable via backwards compatibility on the Xbox One. Fans went out in droves to purchase the Xbox 360 game for the purpose of playing it on the Xbox One. And, for a short while, everything seemed fine. However, within a few hours Microsoft quickly deactivated access to the game and apologized for its early leak. When one tries to boot the game now on Xbox One, they are told the game needs an update, an update that can’t be downloaded. The game doesn’t work without the update and so for now Red Dead Redemption is still not playable on the Xbox One. However, rumours have been making the rounds recently that an announcement for RDR 2 is imminent and what better way to get fans hyped up than by making Red Dead Redemption backwards compatible? Make this happen Rockstar and Microsoft because Red Dead is seriously one of the best games of the entire last generation of consoles.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Everyone take a breath, we know this one is coming. Microsoft officially announced that Call of Duty: Black Ops would be coming to backwards compatibility at some point in the future back in November with an official statement from Major Nelson that read

 “Our launch of 104 titles on Nov. 12 is just the beginning. You can expect new Xbox One Backward Compatible games to be announced on a regular basis, starting in December. More titles are on the way, including fan favourites like Halo Reach, Halo Wars, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Bioshock, Bioshock 2, Bioshock Infinite and Skate 3. Stay tuned because this just the beginning of a long list of Xbox 360 games that will run on Xbox One.”

This resulted in many to believe that Black Ops was going to be made backwards compatible at some point in the Fall last year but alas that time has passed. However, that doesn’t mean that Black Ops isn’t going to be backwards compatible and we bet it will be soon. With Call of Duty games announcing sooner than ever and recent leaks surrounding the new Infinity Ward Call of Duty title, we expect Activision will want to give the go ahead on Black Ops 1 backwards compatibility before any official announcement for the next Call of Duty so as to get it out of the way. For this reason, it’s very possible we could be seeing Call of Duty: Black Ops on the Xbox One this May before E3 in June to get our hands on the original Black Ops on Xbox One.

BioShock/BioShock 2

These games have been announced as upcoming titles for Xbox One backward compatibility but no solid release date has been announced for when they will become available. BioShock received critical acclaim and was particularly praised by critics for its morality-based storyline, immersive environments, and its unique setting, and is considered to be one of the greatest video games of all time. It received several Game of the Year awards from different media outlets and has since its release received a direct sequel, BioShock 2 by 2K Marin, as well as a third game titled BioShock Infinite by Irrational Games. Some have doubts about this game coming to BC due to a rumoured BioShock: Collection game coming this year but looking at a game like Saints Row IV shows that a game can exist as a remaster and a BC game. Xbox Live Arcade watchdog Lifelower spotted a listing for the unannounced compilation on a Taiwanese game rating website. Accompanying the listing is box art and mention of PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as launch platforms. We imagine the game will be getting a 1080p/60fps remaster but in the mean time we need BioShock to come to backwards compatibility as soon as possible and May seems like an appopriate time, before any official announcement of the collection.

Xbox Live Arcade Games

Microsoft have done a good job at bringing beloved XBLA games to Xbox One via Backwards Compatibility and we expect them to continue this trend. I’m sure we’ll see plenty of XBLA games next month but these are more difficult to predict as most of them just seem random, since they’re smaller titles. However, if you owned some of these brilliant smaller titles on the Xbox 360 then it shouldn’t be too long until we get more because Microsoft have been announcing new XBLA games for backwards compatibility at a good pace so expect even more in May!

What games are you hoping to see become backwards compatible on the Xbox One in May 2016? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

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  1. Dragon ball raging blast 2 please!!!!!

  2. Skyrim dammit


    • yeah wtf there is 1 good skateboard game across all the platforms and they are continually teasing skate 4 whilst promising BKWCOMP for skate 3 and it never happens..

  4. BO2 and Cod 4, make BO1 QUICKER! PLZ?

  5. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 1 & 2 ρlz

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