5 Indie Games that Should Headline the May 2016 PlayStation Plus Lineup

Following up on my other article on the 5 AAA games we would like to see in the May 2016 PlayStation Plus lineup it’s time to look at 5 indie games we would like to see in that lineup. Some are sick of getting indie games on Plus but it’s going to happen either way so the question is what are some good ones that we could get for free?

1. The Park


Sony has a long tradition of releasing brand new indie games on PlayStation Plus. Looking at the possible games coming out on May 3rd the only one that stands out that could be a possible plus title is The Park. The Park is a new first person psychological horror game from Funcom. You play as a mom who is searching for her missing son in an eerie island amusement park. The title looks to have a great atmosphere and could be a really fun new horror game. Sony may want to help Funcom get the word out on their first console game in almost 10 years so keep your eyes on this one.

2. Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture


Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture came out on PS4 last summer to mixed reactions. The game was praised by some and hated by others especially those who hate “walking simulators”. Regardless the game is worth experiencing. I think this could go on PlayStation Plus because it was part of the PSN Play promotion last summer and Sony has a long tradition of putting those titles on Plus over the years. Galak-Z was part of that same promotion last year and it was on PlayStation Plus a couple months ago. This one has a high chance of following that same route.

3. Bastion


Bastion is one of the most popular indie games of all time and would make a lot of sense to put it on PlayStation Plus. Supergiant Games has already put Transistor on PlayStation Plus and they just announced their next title as well. Bastion has been on sale for cheap many times so I see no reason why it couldn’t be on Plus. Bastion is also cross-buy between PS4 and Vita and Sony has a long tradition of putting cross-buy titles on Plus. If Bastion does go on PlayStation Plus no one has anything to complain about as it is a fantastic game.

4. Hotline Miami 2


Another indie game that I think could go on PlayStation Plus soon is Hotline Miami 2 from Devolver Digital. Hotline Miami has been on PlayStation Plus in the past so it would be awesome to get the sequel for free next. Hotline Miami 2 was part of the Spring Fever promotion in 2015 which is another promotion that Sony frequently gives the titles included away for free later on. Hotline Miami 2 is another great cross-buy title to include as well since it is on PS4, PS3, and Vita so it would give all of those owners a great title to play.

5. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter


Yes another “walking simulator” perhaps but another great one at that. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter released on PS4 last year and I feel like a lot of people missed out on this great game. The game is one of the best looking games on the PS4 indie or not and has a pretty good story to it as well. Putting Ethan Carter on Plus would give the developers a little extra money and some more exposure for their game. I’d love for more people to get to experience this game and I think it has a high chance of being in the Plus lineup.

So there are the 5 indie games I think could be in the May 2016 PlayStation Plus lineup. All of them are great or potentially great games in the case of The Park. I think these 5 wouldn’t get as much hate either if they are included. What do you think of our list? Do you want to play any of the 5 above listed games? What indie games do you hope are in the May lineup? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. They forgot to mention Shadow Complex Remastered. Post fail.

  2. Mistake: indie games should not be in the PSN lineup. At all. Enough, please.

    • Whether we like them or hate them we are going to get at least 1 of them every month so that is the purpose of this post.

      • Yep I know, just frustrated. They belong to the $1 Humblebundle 🙂

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