Amazon Selling Uncharted 4 Early, Copies Already Shipping Out

So talk about a major screw up on Amazon’s part but it appears that they are already shipping out copies of Uncharted 4 weeks before the games official release on May 10. Several people have posted pictures that Amazon US has shipped their copies out or are preparing to ship with planned deliver tomorrow, April 26.


Uncharted 4 was originally suppose to come out April 26 before getting a 2 week delay to May 10. Reviews are still under embargo for the game so this would be a huge mistake by Amazon. What do you think of this? Did you order from Amazon and have your copy of Uncharted 4 ship already? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. Yep mine says arriving 2moz lol

  2. Well if this happens Amazon is going to be paying a huge lawsuit to Sony, Naughty Dog and who knows how many other companies. They can afford it of course but this is beyond the pale of what is “allowed” in the industry. You are talking about one of the most anticipated games in history where there are hundreds of reviews under embargo and we aren’t talking a day or two but over two weeks? The shit is about to hit the collective fan break the fan and distribute the shit around the room all over Jeff Bezos and Co.

    • Naughty Dog Fucked it up it was suppose to get released by the 26th yes it did get delayed but it could had just been a computer ERROR !!! Or maybe Naughty Dog is hiding something from us and the game is about to get Relased early HMMM???

      • Naughty Dog didn’t fuck anything up. They released a press announcement a few months ago explaining there would be one more delay and giving the exact reasons for that. If they had released that announcement a few days ago ok I could see how Amazon wouldn’t update their crap in time it would be an oversight but not an unimaginable one. A few months though? A few months to change just the date in a line of code for when to sell something? That is most likely a firable offense.

  3. Mine says arriving tomorrow by 8pm. Love you Amazon!

  4. I pre-ordered from Amazon, but not being shipped yet on my end. 🙁

  5. Guess I’ll be at Justin’s house Tomorrow waiting for pick up.. Since his address is clearly not blacked out.. Rockford, Illinois.. Getting my copy free and early tomorrow! Woot Woot! Just kidding.. but you might wanna edit that out…

    • O_o I hadn’t realized that before. Not if I beat you to it first! Which I probably won’t do since I didn’t catch the address was even there until you pointed it out.

  6. If this is legit and people are getting copies this early, it’s time to unplug from the internet for awhile…Spoilers incoming.

  7. “Shipping soon” isn’t the same as shipped. Until someone’s says shipped, just chalk this up as an error.

  8. The game is clearly finished and tightly packed up in a neat little box, why make us wait another 2 weeks? Just release it already! Note, I pre-ordered on Amazon US and mine says released/arriving May 10th.

  9. So the point of the matter is that the game is finished and the disks published right? So why not release the game at last! Unless there are day one patches being worked on for release and the MP probably won’t be up and running. If you do receive the game I would disconnect your PS4 from a Sony update that may block from playing the game until the 10th. Who knows might be possible.

  10. Just got the notification that they fixed it. Thanks for ruining this for us

    I’m kidding, they would have caught it anyway. Would have been sweet, though.

  11. it shipped early for me, got here around 3 days ago from amazon, and i live in florida.

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