Beware Of Spoilers, Uncharted 4 Has Been Mistakenly Delivered Early In The UK, And It’s Not Amazon

Uncharted 4 is two weeks away from its official launch on May 10 still but you may want to start being cautious online. This is because the game has been mistakenly delivered early to some of those in the UK and it isn’t from Amazon like our other story talked about. Instead it seems an unnamed UK company has apparently stuck with the old release date for Uncharted 4 which was April 26 and shipped it out early.

We’ve seen some copies actually sell already on Ebay UK for over £85 which is around $123. UK trade-in company CEX are also selling these early copies for a premium price.

This will mean that spoilers could potentially start hitting the internet this week so for all the rest of us who have to wait a couple more weeks we should watch what we click on. If you’re like me you don’t want any part of this experience to be spoiled so It’s time to go on internet blackout. Were you one of those who got a copy early in the UK? How are you going to avoid the spoilers? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. Like when drake’s daughter gets kidnapped?
    Just kidding.

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