Dark Souls III Recent 1.04 Update Patch Has Caused The Servers To Go Offline Along With Framerate Issues

It looks like the new patch for Dark Souls III has done more harm than good, as users are reporting that they can no longer sign in to the servers on the PS4. The message “Failed to log in to the Dark Souls III game server” and then being told to “select OK to attempt to log in again”

No word on when this issue will be fixed, and  Bandai Namco have yet to say anything about the server issue. We all hope the servers are back online ASAP, and that this can be fixed soon.

We are also being told that the framerate is “almost unplayable” on the PS4 after the 1.04 update. The framerate had issues previously but it’s worse than the previous framerate issues. We can only assume that the most recent update has caused the framerate issues.

Let us know in the comments section below if you are having any issues other than server issues after the most recent patch for Dark Souls III.

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  1. I was able to login for a bit this morning, but unable to login now.

    • Wtf all this money spent and im mot even able to log in why and when will we get and answer on it being fixed

  2. At first I was able to log in since Tuesday and the game was running terrible on the PS4.

    But just today, I was finally able to log in and I see it jumped to 1.06 regulation. The game seems to run a little smoother now, but the frame pacing issues still is there.

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