Nintendo Finally Gives Us Some NX and Zelda Wii U News! Release Date, Artwork, And More!


After a long year of getting practically no news about this game, Nintendo finally opened up about Zelda Wii U.

First and foremost, Nintendo has just stated that Zelda Wii U will be Nintendo’s main focus at E3 2016. This is major news for Zelda fans, as Nintendo totally neglected Zelda Wii U’s existence last E3 and now they’ve decided to make it the major focus this year.

Second, Nintendo stated that Zelda Wii U will be Nintendo’s only playable game at E3. This means that this game is finally coming to a closure, and that we will finally get the chance to see this game in action once again. I can see this as being one of Nintendo’s biggest reveals of all time, and I’m sure Zelda fans are going to go nuts this E3.

We got some more artwork on Zelda Wii U as shown above… but it’s really nothing new. All we got was a digital painting of Link in mid-air as he shoots his blue laser-like arrow in action. The painting also includes the mysterious book from the last 7-second reveal of the game we got. Based off of this, it looks like Zelda Wii U might revolve around the concept of the blue arrows and this mysterious book; both of which we know little to nothing about at this point. From this artwork we at least know that nothing has changed too drastically from the game that strays away from what we’ve already been given. We definitely have a lot to look forward to this E3.


And lastly, it’s official everyone! The Legend of Zelda for Wii U will release simultaneously on the Nintendo NX in March 2017. This also means that the Nintendo NX will release in March 2017. Today has been a tornado of emotions for Nintendo fans.

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