Games With Gold For May 2016 Is Mediocre After The Great Direction It Was Taking In April

Following leaks for the Games with Gold for May 2016, the full lineup has now been officially announced. The titles ‘Defense Grid 2, Costume Quest 2, GRID 2, and Peggle will headline May’s GwG lineup. This lineup is the follow up to April’s GwG lineup which featured some of the best titles to be offered via GwG yet; Sunset Overdrive, The Wolf Among Us, Dead Space and Saints Row IV. We even called last’s months lineup a “Killer lineup” and “The Program’s Best Month Yet” so how does this month stack up?

Well, some fans of the Games with Gold program have now expressed their disappointment over the May 2016 lineup compared to the month we just had. Xbox Live’s Major Nelson took to his blog to officially announce the lineup before the leak was even done making the rounds. For the month of May, Xbox Live Gold members will receive four new free games – two on Xbox One and two on Xbox 360 – as part of the Games with Gold program. You can play both Xbox 360 titles on your Xbox One via Backward Compatibility.

On Xbox One, Xbox Live Gold members can download Defense Grid 2 ($14.99 ERP) for free during the month of May. Costume Quest 2 ($14.99 ERP) will be available as a free download from May 16th to June 15th. On Xbox 360, starting Sunday, 01 May, GRID 2 ($24.99 ERP) will be free for Xbox Live Gold members through May 15th. Then on May 16th, Xbox Live Gold Members can download Peggle ($9.99 ERP) for free through May 31st.

Well some fans have taken to sarcasm and even anger to express their feelings over the lineup on the official Reddit thread:

“Whoo, cant wait for peggle and defense grid 2 whoo”

“Weak month IMO but we got Sunset Overdrive and Wolf Among Us last month so I’m okay.”

“I never have high hopes for GWG”

“Come on, you can at least admit this is one of the more lackluster months in GwG.”

“This is a weak month considering I have had live membership since last november when I picked up the xbox one. But if they give out another AAA title in June that would be amazing!!”

However, it’s important to keep in mind that the lineup for GwG can’t always feature big AAA games like Sunset Overdrive because it simply isn’t viable considering the price of a Gold membership already gives amazing value and big AAA games every single month are simply too much for the actual cost of the membership. PS+ members have been rumoured to be getting Watch_Dogs and Tetris as part of their lineup for May 2016 which has added fuel to the fire with Xbox fans who have come accustomed to having the better lineup in recent months compared to the PS+ counterpart.

The games are all rated above 60+ on metacritic and there’s none of the games that stand out as ‘bad’ per se but there are those that find it a little disappointing, especially after the better-than-normal months that the GwG program has had recently. The program has seen titles like Thief, Sherlock Holmes, Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, Tomb Raider Definitive Edition, Sunset Overdrive and more in recent months.

Do you feel disappointed after the May 2016 GwG lineup was revealed today? Do you think it’s a departure from the great direction that GwG was taking, especially after last month’s lineup? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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  1. There has been enough good games released for free with games with gold since it’s inception. Chill out

  2. Defense Grid 2 is an awesome game. I’ve spent hours having fun in co-op

  3. Its the worst line up fo games this month in may dont get me yes we get free games that is awesome and i cant wait to play some grid 2 but as writen above this month is lacking if any good games at all June better be better because if it is the same as this month it be the same comment again saying yes free games shame there rubbish, this is my opinion i and i believe xbox should of made the voting system now 3 AAA titles top voted allowed gwg and then 3 indie or small games voted and top game comes to GWG and as for xbox 360 it be the same but only 360 games lime 2 aaa titles top voted GWG and a indie or smaller game top voted GWG it be an easier method to this then just leting microsoft xbox to choose what games they think we would enjoy and as stated this is my opinion and everyone is entiltled to there own.

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