Uncharted 4 Has The Greatest Easter Egg Of All Time

Note: Although this happens very early in the game and has nothing to do with the storyline at all, we want to give a spoiler alert on this article. 

I have to say this easter egg is by far the most elaborate one in a game… ever. During one of the very early cutscenes in Uncharted 4, you challenge Elena to beat her high score on the “TV game thing” as Nate puts it. Then a PS1 can be seen complete with the intro, and Crash Bandicoot boots up on the screen.

You then actually play a level of Crash Bandicoot, and have to try and beat Elena’s score. You have three chances to beat Elena’s score. If you lose all three lives then you are mocked by Elena. We don’t want to spoil too much about this great easter egg so we will just post screenshots rather than a video.


uc4crash2 uc4crash3 uc4crash4 uc4crash5 uc4crash6 uc4crash7 uc4crash8 uc4crash9 uc4crash10 uc4crash11 uc4crash12 uc4crash13 uc4crash14


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  1. Elena is a qt.

    • chaika lurking outside gematsu

  2. can’t wait to play that

  3. Awesome!!!!!

  4. AMAZING, 10 days yet,finally!

    • Agreed. We can finally find out how over-hyped this drone of a game is.

      • Xbot spotted.

    • Game of The Generation confirmed!

  5. Aww, cool. Reminds me of MGS4, wherein halfway through you end up playing the opening section of MGS


    • You’ve played it already?

      • YES

  7. We want a new Crash Bandicoot!

  8. You have no idea what an Easter Egg is,do you?

  9. This is nowhere near the Battlefields phantom program Easter egg.
    Also wolfenstein and mgs had these drawbacks to old game mini games too

  10. omg this is the best thing this generation xD

  11. The motion blur in this game is sick #movielevels

  12. You get to play that easter egg at the end of the game as well…

    • STFU and quit telling people, THIEF. God Damn man…really?

  13. There’s a similar part in Metal Gear Solid 4.
    “I was… having that dream again.”

  14. What a gonad, this is more of a spoiler than if he would have said Sully turns into Satan and grows horns and a pointy tail. I didn’t WANT to know this. SPOILED for me, thanks a$$face. UGH. Young gamers. People just can’t STAND it, no patience at all!!

  15. Plz, using dual shock analogue sticks to play Crash Bandicoot? Use the D Pad like everybody else did in 1996


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