June 2016 PlayStation Plus Games Predictions

The May 2016 PlayStation Plus lineup has been announced and will be active come Tuesday so It’s time to start looking ahead to next month. Many plus members have been asking for retail games for the PS4 on PlayStation Plus and Sony has provided one for two straight months now in Zombi and Tropico 5. Still there is no reason to stop there Sony so here are five games that we think could be in the June 2016 lineup.

1. Resident Evil HD Remaster


The past couple of months Sony has given out retail PS4 games but they haven’t been big blockbuster retail games. Resident Evil HD Remaster would kind of fit into that same mold as Zombi where it’s a cheap AAA kind of game to offer for free. Resident Evil HD Remaster will of been out for around a year and a half come June and has done well for Capcom to the point where they are now remastering Resident Evil 2. This would be a great time to give this one away to those who still haven’t played it and build some hype for a potential Resident Evil 7 E3 reveal.

2. Watch Dogs


I’m going to list Watch Dogs because this past month there was a rumor that it was going to be in the May PlayStation Plus lineup. That ended up not coming to fruition but there is a chance it could happen in June. Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 was rumored to be part of the April lineup and then showed up in the May lineup. The same thing could happen with Watch Dogs. Also we could be getting our first look at Watch Dogs 2 at E3 in June so giving away the first one would be a good way to build hype. Watch Dogs is a good game even though it didn’t live up to expectations and I’d love for more people to get to try the game for free. Hopefully we’ll see it in the lineup.

3. Infamous Second Son


Infamous Second Sony is another game I think could be a possible pick for the June PlayStation Plus lineup. Just about all of the other Infamous games have been on PlayStation Plus at some point or another and it’s about time Second Son made its way into the lineup. The game is well over two years old at this point and surely can’t be selling many copies anymore. With rumors circulating that Sucker Punch is working on a PS4 exclusive Spider Man game that could be announced at E3 why not give their first PS4 game away? Also Sony recently ran a flash sale on the PlayStation Store with almost all of their early first party PS4 games included except Infamous Second Son. Was it not there because Sony is planning on making it free and trying not to anger customers who might have bought it if it was? Probably not but it’s a possibility.

4. Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture


Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture came out on PS4 last summer to mixed reactions. The game was praised by some and hated by others especially those who hate “walking simulators”. Regardless the game is worth experiencing. I think this could go on PlayStation Plus because it was part of the PSN Play promotion last summer and Sony has a long tradition of putting those titles on Plus over the years. Galak-Z was part of that same promotion last year and it was on PlayStation Plus a couple months ago. This one has a high chance of following that same route.

5. The Evil Within


Another game I’d like to see in the PlayStation Plus lineup is The Evil Within from Bethesda and Tango. This was one of the best horror games in recent years and has dropped in price a lot since it came out in fall 2014. It is also another game that could possibly have a sequel announced at E3 in June so it would be awesome for people who missed this game to get to play it. The Evil Within is in many ways what people want Resident Evil to get back to doing. The game also has some pretty good DLC packs so giving it away for free could lead to some increased sales on that DLC.

So there are our five predictions for games we could see in the PlayStation Plus lineup this June. Some of them I’ve mentioned before but with E3 in June a lot of them make more sense than ever to have in the lineup with potential sequels on the way. Sony has been improving the Plus lineup for the past couple of months so hopefully they continue that trend in June. What do you think of our predictions? What game would you like to see on PlayStation Plus in June? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. MAYBE just maybe Resident evil Remaster but other than that these games i highly doubt will be free to PSN plus members. These titles are just to big, it’ll probably be more indie games crap. I would like these to be free but i just highly doubt it unfortunately :/

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