Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Will Have A Beta

Call of Duty news has been dominating the headlines in the last couple of days thanks to some leaks surrounding the game and then the official reveal that took place early this week with the full official first trailer revealed to the world but one question that many have been asking is whether or not IW will have a beta, just like Black ops 3 and even World at War. However, Infinity Ward have never held a beta test…until now that is if a leaked image is to be believed.

Thanks to CharlieIntel and Target, it seems a beta test is all but confirmed.


This will please many fans who saw the beta test for Black Ops 3 as a welcome direction for the series as it gives players a chance to get hands on with the game even earlier but also gives time for developers to receive some invaluable feedback on the game so that they can make any tweaks or balance changes necessary to ensure a smoother launch. After Infinity Wards last title Ghosts didn’t get received well by fans of the series, were hoping a beta test will also help in gaining back some good will for the developers.

Are you excited that Infinite Warfare will be getting a beta test or are you more excited for the MW remaster? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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