Is Salt & Sanctuary Getting the Limited Run Games Treatment?

Limited Run Games is a company that devotes themselves to taking digital only games and putting them on a retail disc or card in limited numbers. Some of the games they have done include Breach & Clear on the Vita, Saturday Morning RPG on PS4 and Vita, and most recently Oddworld: New ‘N Tasty on PS4 and Vita. It seems we may have learned about another exciting upcoming game getting the Limited Run Games treatment though.

In a recent update on their website, Ska Studios mentioned that this: “There is a limited physical release of Salt and Sanctuary on PS4 in the works.” Now this could be via some other method but seeing as how Limited Run Games has been on a roll here lately it is only natural to assume that they will be handling it. Also on a NeoGaf thread about Limited Run Games, the company responded to someone about them working with Ska Studios by saying “That being said, we aren’t confirming we are working together… ;)” That seems like evidence enough to me.

I reviewed Salt & Sanctuary on PS4 back around when it came out and loved the game as did many others. It was even the #2 best selling PS4 game on the PlayStation Store in March. I’m sure a physical copy of Salt & Sanctuary will sell out quick if it does happen which it sounds like it will. What do you think of this? Would you be interested in a physical copy of Salt & Sanctuary? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. Would love a physical copy of this game if the price was right and available in Canada…

  2. I would love a physical copy of this game too. I am American..

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