The Latest Battlefield 5 Teaser Might Have Just Confirmed a World War One Setting

Battlefield 5 is set to be revealed tomorrow via live stream and to tease us all just a little bit more the official Battlefield twitter account released a very short 9 second teaser. 9 seconds, surely that’s not enough to tell us anything about the game? Well, it appears that 9 seconds might be all we need to decipher the setting for the next Battlefield game.

The 9 seconds of footage is all “game engine footage” which means that it is actually being rendered within the engine but it’s unclear whether the finished game will resemble the same level of visual fidelity. However, it’s not too hard to notice that the chap in the teaser does indeed seem to be rocking a trench coat, akin to those worn by many countries who fought in the two World War’s. It’s not confirmed but we can probably assume the chap here is American or British and for reference here is a World War One British officer model:

As you can observe, everything from the colour to the collar size looks practically identical between the British Officer model and the character in the Battlefield teaser.

The World War One setting was rumoured a couple of weeks back and we even reported on it, which you can read here. The rumour was first spotted on NeoGaf, and the store listing lists October 25 as a release date. It includes the description “Mehrspieler Taktik Shooter im 1. Weltkrieg” which translates to “Multiplayer tactical shooter in WW1”.

In that same article, I went on to explain some of the problems with such a setting being a fit for the Battlefield series as a student of History myself:

If this is true, it could prove to be a huge risk for DICE and EA. As someone who studies History, the Great War could be difficult to be the setting for a full-fledged Battlefield game due to the simple limitation of weapons and vehicles that were avaliable during WW1. Tanks were only really introduced in the battlefield during the Battle of the Somme and even then only 35 tanks took part in the battle, with many of those breaking down. The point is, with a series where a blend of ground and vehicular warfare is part of the games DNA, WW1 could be difficult for DICE to fit a Battlefield game in. Further, WW1 was focused on the use of trench warfare where it might be harder to imagine much of Battlefield’s explosive action could be replicated very well.

However, one clue in the teaser that has conjured a new theory for me is the shadow looming over the soldier in the teaser. If he is indeed standing up, it must be something pretty large to shroud him in its shadow. As per the era, it could indeed be a Zeppelin. The German strategic bombing campaign involved bombing which was generally referred to as “Zeppelin raids” But what if it’s an alternative history setting? Similar to the Wolfenstein games where perhaps the tech was more advanced in an alternative timeline, thus being more suited to Battlefield’s style.

Do you think Battlefield 5 will be taking us back to World War One? Would you be happy to go back that far or do you want a modern/futuristic setting?

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  1. The only way they could make a WWI game fun to play, is if it lacks any authenticity ; if it’s historically and technically accurate, it will be a snooze-fest.

    • agreed

    • How so? WW1 & 2 games are amazing. Single shot weapons without a scope that require skill, automatic weapons that have the most intense recoil. Actually having to learn your weapon of choice instead of spraying down corridors. To be honest, it probably will lack authenticity. Won’t be anything like the titles we got before. Will feel like a skinned Battlefield 4 or whatever number they are up to now. So your in luck.

      • Who said anything about WW2 games? COD2 and W@W are 2 of my most favorite FPSs of all time, but if you think you can lump WW1 and WW2 together, you are in dire need of a history lesson.

  2. The standard Battlefield DubStep music is missing and replaced with marching drum snares.

  3. Everyone seems to forget where Battlefield games formula first started. It wasn’t 1942. It was Codename Eagle, set in(what do you know) WW1. They could truly be returning to their roots.

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